Home again, home again…

Coach washed and ready for the trip to California, we decided to try to avoid the afternoon sun and headed to the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum, Taliesin West.  This is a museum but also an accredited University for architecture (the smallest U in America).  A wonderfully creative place, full of ideas and beauty.

The front entrance of Taliesen West...find the front door...

A peaceful, lovely view.

The Sunset Terrace and the sunsets would be amazing from here!

The sculpture garden.

End of a great day with dinner with Aleks at Caffe Boa.  Mussels, gnochi, ahi tuna…really good.  Back to the coach for the evening and caught up on all the news on Aleks’ new job.  (Neil spend his last night before his test tied to his desk.)  Aleks is an Entomologist…she photographs bugs, watches bugs, thinks about bugs…all day, every day and absolutely loves her job.  She and her dad had a great discussion about bugs and buggy things for hours, just like when she was a little girl after a weekend fishing trip.  🙂

Off to catch a flight home…thinking of Neil today…


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