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Missing my ponies…

The weather is great, we get to golf each morning and are having a great time with the kids (Aleks and Neil) but I miss my ponies!!!

This away time works because Lindsay and Peter take over the reins (literally and figuratively) and move into the house.   Not only do they do their normal jobs every day but mine as well while we are away.  Thank you Linds and Peter!!

The satellite feed in the coach is from Canada so we have been watching the “weather bomb” hit the prairies.  Glad the farm escaped the worst of it!  I’m sure everyone is wearing all their winter blankets especially wimpy Lance.

Here’s the view from the terrace at the eighteenth hole yesterday…

View at lunch at Viewpoint Golf Course

The eighteenth green at Viewpoint.


Golf for us is really just a walk along a very green path with lovely ponds, streams and the occasional water feature along the way.  We just happen to be hitting a small white ball (sometimes in the direction we intended!) as we walk along.  It’s a good thing the course is quiet and not very busy at this time of the year so we’re not holding anyone up behind us.  We actually are hitting the ball much better than last year (not losing so many!) but this still is a walk not golf…yet.

Off to walk the golf course…


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