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Listen and learn grasshopper..

Steffen’s words of wisdom text to Shannon this weekend on the use of leg in the test…”less sooner rather than more later“. So great..I think we need to record this somewhere…

Congrats to Ehren and Magic, and Emma an Zindan on great rides yesterday! Blue and red ribbons!!! Yeah! Thanks Shannon!



Yesterday was a light school in the morning for Lindsey and Lance as we had no class on Saturday. And it was great! Cleaned up some more issues in the half halt in “show mode Lance”.

The show grounds will be very quiet today as most of the classes in the CDI ended yesterday and horses have returned home. But the Grand Prix Special is in the morning. Lindsey and Lance go at 9:27.

We will be back on the freeway today ASAP after the presentations as to avoid the Sunday traffic back to San Diego.

Off to find some tea and head to the show grounds…



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Watching Steffen Peters…Dressage Master Class

One of the advantages of entering the Open show (and not the CDI) at the LA Winter Dressage was that we got to watch Steffen school and ride Rosie and Legolas.

Priceless; absolutely, jaw dropping priceless. The skill, feel and depth of knowledge required to produce the work he does on both horses totally reinforced the commitment to the decision we have made to train here with Team Peters in the past, for today and for the future.

The future for our sport lies in the commitment to this kind of kind, empathetic, very skilled training and riding. There are other trainers and riders riding with these tenants and we should search them out, find them and follow their lead. The future of our sport depends on it. For us, Steffen and Shannon Peters embodies exactly the road we would like to follow for our future and the future for sport of dressage.

Now some moments from the background of the LA Winter Dressage show…Ivars got a new camera and here are some of the shots he took while learning all the buttons (Good thing Aleks is visiting this weekend and can give her dad some of the short cuts on the Nikon!!)

Competitors and good friends. Emma and Lindsey

Competitors and good friends. Emma and Lindsey

Emma and Zidane...good boy Beastie!

Emma and Zidane…good boy Beastie!

Lance and Linds, warming up for the GPS.

Lance and Linds, warming up for the GPS.

Lance and Linds, GPS yesterday.

Lance and Linds, GPS yesterday.

"Do you have peppermints in that camera?!!!!"

“Do you have any peppermints in that camera?!!!!”

Today is raining and we are home at the condo. Yeah! Aleks and Neil and the dogs are visiting from Phoenix. We’ll get a couple of hours to visit before they need to head back this morning.

It’s a fireplace, sports on the tv kinda day…


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When it rains in CA this year…it really, really pours…

Footing…one of the many, many reasons we train with Shannon Peters at Arroyo Del Mar….all aspects of dressage training are well thought out, well researched and happy horse focused.

El Nino slammed Arroyo Del Mar this week with rain.

All our equines are back at work at Arroyo…thank you Shannon and Steffen! The new footing is awesome!!  Rain, schmain…we have a show in 3 weeks!!!

The following is a news article released from Premier Equestrian (Arroyo Del Mar footing supplier). (They also supplied the footing at Flying Colours.)


Premier Equestrians Have Dry Haven in Midst of Powerful El Niño


San Diego, California (January 8, 2016)– As a series of storms pummel California this week with one of the strongest El Niño weather systems on record, many equestrians find themselves extremely limited with the excess of flooding in paddocks and riding rings. However, with early preparations to the warnings of the upcoming El Niño year, some wise equestrians have installed an elite arena system that allows them to “walk on water” during this massive storm.

U.S. Olympian Steffen Peters knew that selecting an arena footing system for his California training facility was of utmost importance, especially with the threat of harsh storms and heavy rain. That’s why he chose to train on riding surfaces provided by Premier Equestrian, a leading industry innovator in arena footing. Steffen selected the advanced OTTO Sport arena. Premier Equestrian is the exclusive North American distributor for German based OTTO Sport-und Reiplatz GmbH. Now, even through the record-tying flooding, potential flash floods, and mudslides, Peters’ facility continues to function smoothly with riders and horses out and about training on the Premier Equestrian and OTTO Sport arena system.

“OTTO Sport offers a system of drainage, concussion relief, biomechanics benefits, and longevity,” said Heidi Zorn, President of Premier Equestrian. “The OTTO Sport system is a proven product that has been around for over thirty years. Many arenas are still standing and performing as well as they did the first day the system was installed thirty years ago.” This is why several “Premier Equestrians,” riders like Peters who are people dedicated to the development and preservation of horse sport, have chosen to put the OTTO Sport system under their winning horses’ hooves.

The OTTO system centers on the OTTO Sport Perforated Mat. This arena base mat system provides maximum drainage, concussion mitigation, stability for horse and rider, and a proper and durable separation of footing and substructure. Drainage holes in the mat remove excess water quickly, making the arena useable immediately after persistent rain. Built in reservoirs hold enough water to rehydrate the footing later. These features make the OTTO Sport Perforated Mat System universally suited for any arena or farm in the world, and crucial in times of extreme weather.

Another key factor in Peters’ arena is the revolutionary Premier HT footing, which stands for Hydration Technology. This is a programmable textile footing that can be configured to uptake water at different levels and rates. The HT footing drastically reduces the amount of water needed to maintain an ideal riding surface, and reduces the amount of time spent maintaining the arena. Premier HT will always maintain the appropriate hydration whether it be drought or flood conditions.

Peters and his wife, USDF Gold Medalist Shannon Peters, believe that this advanced arena system and footing are essential, and their arena has truly proven its worth throughout the series of intense El Niño storms. Peters continues to train with Akiko Yamazaki’s Legolas 92 and Rosamunde 20, while the majority of the Californian equestrian population without the arena system is virtually stall bound. Yamazaki, another Premier Equestrian, also planned ahead and installed the OTTO Sport arena system before the storms hit. Peters and Yamazaki were originally introduced to the OTTO Sport arena system at the 2006 Word Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany, where the system held up against two weeks of heavy rain.

Keri Homer, the barn manager for Steffen and Shannon Peters at Arroyo Del Mar, remarked that before the Premier Equestrian and OTTO Sport arena system, they would have had to close the outdoor ring with no telling when it could be reopened in the massive amount of flooding. Homer states, “Today, we are playing in the rain on stable, safe, and consistent footing. Let El Niño in— we are ready!”

Dave Martin of Footings West, who worked with Premier Equestrian to instal the OTTO Sport arena at Peters’ facility Arroyo Del Mar, has been paying close attention to the arena’s maintenance during El Niño. Martin states, “The Arroyo Del Mar arena is the only outdoor arena in all of southern California that is 100% usable even for heavy equipment. The performance of the OTTO Sport arena system is beyond anything I have ever seen in my 35 years of arena construction,” he remarks.

Founded in 1999, Premier Equestrian is the Official Dressage Arena of the United States Equestrian Federation and the United States Dressage Federation. For more information about Premier Equestrian, the visit www.PremierEquestrian.com or call 800-611-6109.

To see more news about this press release visit http://premierequestrian.com/category/pressrelease/articles/PR-dry-heaven-in-midst-of-powerful-El-nino-storms.html

I’m off to to Flying Colours to ride on our Premier Footing!!


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Bugger…bugger, bugger, bugger…

Akiko (Legolas’ owner) said it best yesterday…

“We fully support today’s decision and at the same time feel Steffen’s pain. We have nothing but praise and pride for his horsemanship and masterful riding which we all so admire and is Steffen’s signature.”

Steffen is a master of quiet riding, quiet aids…quiet and effective. He rides with these values in the competition ring because he maintains these values everyday. Every day. Quiet, empathetic, effective aids. Every day. Every horse. That’s the Peters’ way.

So when what happened yesterday happens to such an admirable equestrian, there are not enough words…

A bad thing happened to a good person and a good horse…bugger….


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Congrats Team Peters!!!

Congrats to Steffen!!! First and Second place, Grand Prix San Juan Capistrano CD!! 76.7% on Legolas and 74.9% on Rosie!!! Go Team Peters!!!

20 2


Don’t forget the California Dreaming Productions live streaming with Axel Steiner continues today and tomorrow! An amazing learning experience with the best riders and very insightful commentating! Thank you California Dreaming Productions!! (drop them a note to let them know how much you are enjoying the opportunity to be involved at this level!! 🙂 )


Shannon “officially rode her arse off” (she’s a very polite girl… 🙂 ) and Magic’s test was wonderful! 65.2% Congrats Shannon!!! (We were helping out at home; riding the bench, half halt to half halt!!!)

We had a very productive day at home. Lindsey worked out a lot of stress by hitting the gym first thing in the morning. I caught up on things here at the condo and then we were at Arroyo to work William and Fred. Very productive rides, very satisfied Canadians.



Today we’ll catch some more rides online and ride William and Fred.

Lance’s mouth is healing nicely. Thank you for all your supportive words and thoughts. 🙂 (He is wondering why I keep sticking my finger in his mouth without peppermints or granola bars involved in the process!!) He’ll have another day today of treadmill and turnout only. Tomorrow will be a walk day in the snaffle.

Off to find my yoga mat then out to Arroyo…


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It’s very tired out this morning…

My brain is quite tired this morning but I’m going to attempt to put my thoughts together and put them into words.

This weekend was amazing…so amazing at so many levels.

To quote my Australian friend Gary Lung “to get to Grand Prix and you have to learn to ride again”.

So true, so true.

For the rider, for the horse and for the coach.

Steffen and Rosie, PSG and Inter One Champions

Shannon and Magic, Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special (National) champions

Dawn White-O’Connor (Team Peters assistant trainer) PSG, Inter One Reserve Champions!! Her first CDI!!

Lientje and Dawn…Lientje Schueler and Mike Tyson, 2nd place Grand Prix Special

Gary Lung and Chester competed in his first Inter A tests this weekend. Lientje will continue to coach Gary and Chester with clinics in Australia. We’re all going to miss you Gary (and Chester!).

And Ashley, and Gloriana, and Allison, and more…as someone commented to me this weekend “whenever I see a nice horse or test, it’s from Arroyo”.

Team Peters produces Grand Prix horses, riders and coaches.

We are learning…we are learning from the best in the world.

Thank you Shannon Peters, thank you Steffen Peters, thank you Team Peters.

And Lindsey and Lance were fourth in the Grand Prix Special yesterday.

Thank you Lindsey. Thank you Lance.



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On to the Grand Prix Special this morning…

Firstly…thank you so much for all your support; your emails, texts and facebook messages.  They mean a lot to us.  My access to the internet is limited during the day so I do apologize for not updating you more quickly on our results.

Next…let me take back my comment about the indoor ring being horse friendly.  It looks wonderful and the footing is simply amazing.  During the warm up on Thursday the horses looked focused and happy in work.  But yesterday was a different story.  The horses went from a busy outside warm up ring to solo in a highly energized indoor ring.  We don’t know if it was the sound (the Geo-Tech footing is rolled very hard and each footfall echoes through the building) or the change in environment.  The low marks in all the CDI classes reflect the problems we were all having yesterday.  Tension, spookiness, unfocused horses.

Except for Steffen and Legolas…they were wonderful, 76%.  A beautiful, masterfully ridden test.

Lance and Linds had a great warm up outside yesterday; through, relaxed and ready.  As he came down centre line he got over excited and he then started making decisions about how he would execute the movements that didn’t really include Lindsey.  When Lance gets excited, he tries to be too helpful.  Linds got everything out of him she could but he was Mr. Excited Happy and he should have been Mr. Focused Happy.

So today will be a fine tune on the half halt, build from yesterday’s warm up and concentrate on keeping a better focus in the work.

Our ride time is 10:08 am PST and we will be ready.

Thank you for California Dreaming Productions for such a wonderful show and providing live streaming all day.  Here’s the link to the live streaming…


Off to check out of the hotel and head to the show grounds….



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