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Everyone tried their best…

And today we’re going to try a bit harder!!

First 2015 CDI Grand Prix done!

First 2015 CDI Grand Prix done!

Lance warmed up great for the Grand Prix test but going from outdoor arena  to indoor competition arena just unsettled him enough that he backed off the impulsion too much to really make this complex test work well. Lindsey rode very well, so very, very well. Lance tried really hard and did his best but not enough impulsion is not a good enough answer to the difficult GP questions Lindsey was asking! But thank you Lance for trying!

At the end of the day, we watched Steffen and Legolas write the book on how to ride a Grand Prix test!!! Masterful!! He pulled out all the stops and risked it!!  77%!!! Congrats Steffen!!

Today we’ll address the concept of “no backing off at all Lance!” in the warm up ring and see if he can take that concept to the competition ring. Grand Prix Special at 9:50 (PST), live streaming at California Dreaming Productions (same as yesterday).

As today is our last day of competition here, we’ll pack everything up this afternoon and head back to Arroyo.

Off to start packing…




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May’s Day Off!!!!

So if you fly home from San Diego you get a couple of free days at home!!!  Not really planned that way but very nice to have a “day off” show up mid-week!!!

Ivars had not booked any office hours for yesterday so he was home for the day :).  Kirsten arrived with the kids and the day began.  It was a full day of tractor riding, biking and quad steering.  Meanwhile the flower beds got raked, a new trampoline got put together and the deck furniture got taken out of winter storage and moved to the deck.  Two very tired kids went home with Mommy at the end of a wonderful day.  And two tired grandparents had a glass of wine and thoroughly enjoyed an Alberta sunset from our now organized front yard.

Lindsey and Peter and the horses arrived in Las Vegas last night.  Today is a long drive through Utah to Idaho Falls, Idaho.  They’ll be in my thoughts all day.

Papa and Mack's project yesterday.

Papa and Mack’s trampoline project yesterday.

The John Deere and bike parked after a long play day yesterday.

The John Deere and bike parked after a long play day yesterday.

Today’s plans needs to include a trip to town; we have no groceries in the house!!  That trip will get fit in around a full day at the barn!!

Off to start the day!!


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Shannon Peters Clinic Oct 3/4

Clinic with international trainer and rider Shannon Peters. 

American Shannon Peters is a classically trained rider, not only training with her husband Steffen for the last 10 years, but also with her mentor, Karl Mikolka, former Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. She has competed in national championships both in the FEI Young Horse divisions, and in the Intermediare Divisions, as well as CDI competitions at the Grand Prix level.  She enjoys establishing a great foundation of work to bring her students from training level to GP.  She will be at Flying Colours for a 2 day clinic.  Advanced auditor registration required.  This is a unique opportunity to expand our knowledge from one of the top, up and coming dressage trainers in the world today. 7 rider spots, 40 auditor seats. 

When: Saturday/Sunday, October 3/4, 2009   (Auditor registration deadline October 1, 2009)

Where:  Flying Colours Stables, Wetaskiwin, AB 

Time:  Later am start Saturday, early am start Sunday 

Cost:  $25/day, $50 + GST = $52.50 

(Registration form available on the ADA website or by contacting FCS) 



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Warmbloods on the south, donkeys on the north?????

Yesterday started out with sooo much excitement at FCS.  Linda arrived to work and called to tell me we had the donkey back.

Last week the neighbour’s donkey (small, grey and white, not gelded!) arrived at the farm.  The outside horses were running and frightened and lathered by the time Katie had caught him!  Everyone settled down as soon as he disappeared.  She walked him back to his farm and checked the fences there to find the spot that he escaped.  Couldn’t find any holes.

7:30 yesterday, he’s back!!!  Once again we caught him and settled everyone down.  Luckily no one was turned out yet and just had the outdoor horses to deal with; basically reassure them the donkey was not going to eat Sid!!!  I now have a small, cute donkey in the round pen on the north side of the barn.  He’s very loud.  One of my students is here for a week with her mule (before the Battle at Spruce) so the molly is in a pen as well on the north side.  Quite a sight at FCS as I drive by!!!  Warmbloods on the south, donkeys on the north.  Photos soon!

I think I’ll keep him here safe and secure till they can sort out their fencing problems!  He’s probably crawling through their barbed wire fencing (he doesn’t look like the “jumping” type).  It would be a crazy day here to have Mr. Donkey walking around the farm when everyone is out!!!  Meanwhile we’re all “enjoying” the mega braying coming from the back forty!!  Everyone here has adapted to haveing the mule in the barn so maybe by the time the neighbour’s  fencing is fixed, all the horses be “donkey broke” as well!!!!

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Steffan Peters clinic sooooo wonderful!

We’re home from the Steffan Peters clinic at Double W Ranch in Bluffton, thanks to all the organizers of this clinic, great job!…what a great couple of days work.  Lindsey and Lance rode on Saturday and Sunday.  Thanks to Deb Meraw, I’ll be able to post photos from both days.  Thanks so much Deb.  I can’t seem to concentrate on the work and handle the camera as well.

There were so many light bulbs moments from this weekend that we can add to our daily work. 

  • Suppleness, suppleness, suppleness.  Don’t sacrifice suppleness for movement.
  • Make every stride honest and clear
  • Keep everything simple and uncomplicated
  • Finish what you start
  • Horse not submissive, cooperative is a better term
  • Make the training be understood by the horse day by day
  • He must work in the transitions not rest
  • If a full halt doesn’t work, a half halt certainly won’t
  • Forward is good, correct contact is difficult
  • Keep the topline supple in all of the training
  • Extended trot to piaffe…honest, clear and through, ahhh what a goal!!!
  • Be accurate within each stride
  • An error free test goes a long way
  • “See he understands, he can learn”
  • “Get the job done.”

There are many more for sure but these are what I’ll try to take to the arena this morning.  This clinic really clarified some concepts for me.  We’ll change the emphasis in some of our work and beef up some of the concepts we have being using.  Looking forward to September’s work and having Shannon Peters here October 3/4. 

All the horses worked so much better on Sunday after Saturday’s schooling with Steffan.  It sure looked like everyone had integrated  the concepts and would be able to reproduce the work at home.  This doesn’t happen at every clinic for sure!  Thanks Steffan!

Here’s some photos…

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Steffan Peters Clinic Tomorrow

We’re all ready to head to Bluffton to the Peters clinic tomorrow.  I’ll add photos (if I remeber to use the camera during the lesson!  Maybe they’ll be someone there I can hand the camera to???!!!)  This will be the first time Lance will be leaving FCS by himself for a good time!  The only other time he’s been in the trailer by himself, is to head to Calgary for colic surgery!  I hope Fred will be ok as we pull out of the yard…she believes she should be with Lance outside, inside and especially in the trailer!

We have put the final details together for the Shannon Peters clinic.  She’ll be here Sat/Sun, October 3/4.  We’re very excited about the weekend!  Peters training X 2!  August and October!

William is doing amazing.  He is scheduled to ride in the Shannon Peters clinic and Christoph Hess October 19/20.  He loves to get down and go to work each day.  We are slowly adding more intensity each week and he is thriving.  Still can’t turn him out yet…he just would gallop and buck and buck and buck…not good for his tummy!

Labour Day, Monday September 7 is the FCS “Babies and Big Girls Dressage Show”.  All sorts of little girls, ponies, big girls, horses, hot dogs, decorations and dressage!  I think it’ll be a good day!

Dressage Camp tentatively set for Thanksgiving weekend, October 10/11.  Details to come.

Time to get everyone fed and out…


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William is cantering!!!

Our young stallion, William is recovering in record time (record around here anyway!!).  He cantered one circle each way with Lindsey yesterday.  Colic surgery one month ago.  He loves to work, digs deep and tries so hard to figure things out under saddle.  He is still on “no turnout” ’cause he runs and bucks and bucks and bucks (trying to impress the girls, I’m sure!).  He gets hand walked and grazed several times during the day so he’s not bored.  He loves to be groomed and talks the girls into a good brush daily!  It’s soooo good to see him and Linds in the arena each day.  Linds may even need her spurs on soon!

Fred has turned into a PSG horse.  What an elegant, super mare!  She and Lindsey have put together such wonderful work this summer.  Fred has blossomed into a stunning girl.  The fall is going to hold some great schooling rides for Linds and Fred!  So exciting!!!

We are getting ready for the Steffan Peters clinic with Lindsey and Lance.  Lance is getting so strong.  He is settling into schooling the Grand Prix very nicely.  The 3 Ps (piaffe, passage, pirouettes) are coming along nicely.  It is such a thrill to watch the day to day work, so much learning and such good quality.  Linds and Lance are a wonderful team.

We are in the process of putting together our clinic, workshop and camp schedule for the fall at Flying Colours.  We’re waiting for confirmation on dates for several international clinicians.  Once the dates have been finalized then we can fill in the blanks for the rest of the clinics.

Looks like we’ll be heading to California for the spring.  We’re looking at show dates and working out the logisticsof horses, people and vehicles.  Ivarsand I have booked the last week of October to take the coach to Phoenix.  From Phoenix to California is a day’s trip to get the coach where we need it in February so no driving the Foretravel in minus 30+ this year…yeah!

Congratulations to Marilyn and Jennifer Parslow.  This mom and daughter are the new proud owners of Vaultara!  Tara spent the several months at Gorsline’s Stables learning the ropes of jumping.  She did great and put many jumper ribbons on her stall.  She’ll make a wonderful new versatile partner for Jen and Marilyn.  Lindsey will fine tune Tara’s schooling for the next couple of months with Jen and Marilyn.

A busy August into a great September!

Enjoy the journey,


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