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Ugh…Mr Chubby Cheeks does it again… :(

He’s bit the inside of his cheeks. Two days before we leave for the CDI, Mr CC is showing us how chubby his cheeks really are, again.

When choosing an international level dressage prospect, I thought I had ticked off most of the boxes when I choose Lance…great temperament, 3 great gaits, good feet, and did I mention…amazing personality! I did not know I also needed to look for a prospect without chubby cheeks!!! Who knew????!!! Chubby Cheeks are not a good feature????!!!

This is good...

This is good…

and this is good...

and this is good…

and so is this...

and so is this…

and this is very good!

and this is very good…ahhh, Mr CC himself! Chubby Cheeks or not…I still would have choose him to come home with me!!!

So here’s the plan…

  • We are going to ride for the next two days (before the show starts) in the snaffle bridle with a drop nose band (that’ll give the inside of his cheeks a chance to heal)
  • We’ve rigged up some special padding to go around the nose band on his double bridle.
  • and if all looks good on the inside of his mouth, we’ll put him in his double bridle on Friday for the Grand Prix.

Off to finish packing the trailer and drive north to San Juan Capistrano…sending healing thoughts for the next two days to my big bay horse!



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It’s very tired out this morning…

My brain is quite tired this morning but I’m going to attempt to put my thoughts together and put them into words.

This weekend was amazing…so amazing at so many levels.

To quote my Australian friend Gary Lung “to get to Grand Prix and you have to learn to ride again”.

So true, so true.

For the rider, for the horse and for the coach.

Steffen and Rosie, PSG and Inter One Champions

Shannon and Magic, Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special (National) champions

Dawn White-O’Connor (Team Peters assistant trainer) PSG, Inter One Reserve Champions!! Her first CDI!!

Lientje and Dawn…Lientje Schueler and Mike Tyson, 2nd place Grand Prix Special

Gary Lung and Chester competed in his first Inter A tests this weekend. Lientje will continue to coach Gary and Chester with clinics in Australia. We’re all going to miss you Gary (and Chester!).

And Ashley, and Gloriana, and Allison, and more…as someone commented to me this weekend “whenever I see a nice horse or test, it’s from Arroyo”.

Team Peters produces Grand Prix horses, riders and coaches.

We are learning…we are learning from the best in the world.

Thank you Shannon Peters, thank you Steffen Peters, thank you Team Peters.

And Lindsey and Lance were fourth in the Grand Prix Special yesterday.

Thank you Lindsey. Thank you Lance.



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