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Mr. Fat Cheeks strikes again…

You know what it’s like to bite your cheek? Well our favourite Grand Prix horse did it at the last show. We both knew he had done it and luckily, didn’t interfere with the test…thank goodness.

So we had the equine dental vet out last week. There wasn’t much to do, a light float to take care of minor edges. But he had a large (quarter sized) lesion on the inside of his cheek.

And because it’s slightly swollen, it’s likely to be re-bitten. So we’ve ridden in the snaffle since the last show giving his mouth a lot of room and as much time as possible to heal. His noseband is always super loose and we loosened it more.

When I checked him yesterday, the lesion was much improved (about the size of dime) but decided that it was still too likely he would re-bite it with his double bridle in and the test of the Grand Prix CDI ahead.

So we’re staying home instead of riding at the show in San Juan this weekend. This will give his mouth three more weeks to heal before our last California CDI at the end of April. Very hard decision but the right decision.

Lindsey is very disappointed (as you can imagine!!) but she is a competitor, a very good competitor…

Success in life

comes when you simply refuse to give up,

with goals so strong that obstacles, failure and loss

only act as motivation. 

So we’ll spend the week riding at Arroyo and cheer on Team Peters from home. Yeah live streaming!!!

Off to fit in an early morning lesson with Shannon… ❤



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Now that was a wonderful day!!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful words of support and encouragement. It really means a lot!!! (Barb has reminded Axel that Lindsey and Lance are from ALBERTA not BC…hopefully he’ll have that update today!!!)

65% in the Grand Prix CDI is a decent score (especially after dealing with the ups and downs of the past week), certainly not the score we were aiming for but we’ll take it. Lindsey did a wonderfully amazing job in the saddle and Lance tried his very best on a very, very hot day (31C) to dig deep and get it done. I am so proud of them both.

We have an early morning start to the day as the Special is a morning class today. (Yeah!! we’ll beat the heat!!!).

We should be able to get Lance back to Arroyo in San Diego this afternoon for a well deserved day off tomorrow.

26 1

Coaches, rider and Lance…rehashing the day, discussing the future

26 2


The tweeting seemed to work yesterday so I’ll keep it up today!! My twitter is  @argals

Off to get this day started!!





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1. Insert double bridle

2. Ride

3. Jog

4. Yes.  On to the Grand Prix

Yesterday was a success! His cheeks are healing (no friction at all during the ride), the jog was great and today is the Grand Prix

Lindsey and Lance, waiting at the jog.

Lindsey and Lance, waiting at the jog.

25 3

Lance in his snaffle and drop noseband for the jog.

Thank you so much for all your encouraging words and thoughts including this note left on the truck outside the condo yesterday. I think we recognized the pretty pink lipstick used to write the words!! Thanks Emz!!



25 425 5


So today we’re on to the Grand Prix. Our ride time is 3:09 and Shan is 2:39.

Note…I tried to get on the California Dreaming website last night and they are having difficulties. Hopefully they will have it straightened out by broadcast time this morning.

My twitter feed will be very active today if they haven’t worked out the bugs! I’ll update news as I get it.  You can find me on twitter @argals

Off to Pannikin and a great cup of tea for the drive to San Juan!!



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Today’s the day…

We’re at the show at San Juan Capistrano. Today is the jog for the CDI. And today is the day we put Lance back in his double bridle…

double bridle

Two bits, two sets of reins and a noseband. Required for riding at this level.

We have been working him in a snaffle bridle all week with a drop noseband (so there is no irritation to his cheeks) and Lance’s cheek has almost totally healed. Today’s the big test day…work in the double bridle.

A very exciting day ahead. (who said “jog” day was boring!!!)

Off to battle I 5 freeway traffic….grrrr….




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Congrats Team Peters!!!

Congrats to Steffen!!! First and Second place, Grand Prix San Juan Capistrano CD!! 76.7% on Legolas and 74.9% on Rosie!!! Go Team Peters!!!

20 2


Don’t forget the California Dreaming Productions live streaming with Axel Steiner continues today and tomorrow! An amazing learning experience with the best riders and very insightful commentating! Thank you California Dreaming Productions!! (drop them a note to let them know how much you are enjoying the opportunity to be involved at this level!! 🙂 )


Shannon “officially rode her arse off” (she’s a very polite girl… 🙂 ) and Magic’s test was wonderful! 65.2% Congrats Shannon!!! (We were helping out at home; riding the bench, half halt to half halt!!!)

We had a very productive day at home. Lindsey worked out a lot of stress by hitting the gym first thing in the morning. I caught up on things here at the condo and then we were at Arroyo to work William and Fred. Very productive rides, very satisfied Canadians.



Today we’ll catch some more rides online and ride William and Fred.

Lance’s mouth is healing nicely. Thank you for all your supportive words and thoughts. 🙂 (He is wondering why I keep sticking my finger in his mouth without peppermints or granola bars involved in the process!!) He’ll have another day today of treadmill and turnout only. Tomorrow will be a walk day in the snaffle.

Off to find my yoga mat then out to Arroyo…


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We didn’t jog yesterday…

Grown up 1


Yes…now we get it…

Lindsey had a great ride yesterday morning…in the snaffle, lesson with Shannon, in the CDI ring, with Olympian riders, with the Canadian Technical Advisor observing, working Grand Prix movements…in a snaffle. She rode masterfully. Lance was learning and listening and working, working, working.

The snaffle bridle has a different noseband than the double bridle. There is no irritation to the cheek in the snaffle noseband so we worked him in the snaffle for 2 days hoping the inside of his cheek would heal and we could put him back in his double bridle. We have to show him in the double bridle where there is some chance of irritation to his cheek. I checked him after yesterday’s ride and made the decision that the inside of his cheek was not healed enough for us to show him with his double bridle.

Difficult decision


And that’s why Peter Pan has it mostly right…Grown up 3

Grown up 4

So we put our adult faces on and made big decisions, decisions that will affect the next two shows.

Lance is now back at Arroyo; turn out this morning, treadmill and a good brush…but most importantly healing for the CDI show next weekend.

Difficult decision 2

One step at a time, forward and upward, keep on going….but look back and see where you have come from…and smile.

Off to work Fred and William and to be back to the condo in time to watch the Grand Prix online! Go Team Peters!!!


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(v) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work…

Meraki…I think I’ve found the word that describes this passion we call dressage. Meraki…work done with soul, creativity and love with a canvas that is this amazing creature equus…

And dressage is also a sport. The balance to meraki in this sport is an added dimension, a true balancing act day to day.

Meraki and keeping your eye on the goal in competition. Meraki and getting two athletes ready for game day. Meraki and going for it.

Lance and Lindsey worked great in the snaffle bridle yesterday. Yeah! We had two (we needed two!!) therapists working on and with him last night.

Lance is happy, we’re happy and we’re ready for today…one more warm-up in the snaffle and then a decision about the jog for this CDI.

Meraki…ohhhhhmmmmmmmm…grrrrrrrrrr….game day!!!




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