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So this is what a Grand Prix horse does on his day off…

Thank you so much to the organizers of the CAADA Mardi Gras CDI dressage show at Rocky Mountain Show Jumping this weekend. The stabling was wonderful, the footing was amazingly excellent and as always with Shelagh at the helm of the show office…the show was expertly run.

The days were hot but the breeze off the mountains kept everything quite workable. We all needed to keep hydrated and the judges kindly decided coats were optional so it was all good.

The Grand Prix was Friday morning and Lindsey put together an expertly ridden test; organized, tidy and very confidence building for Lance. First place ribbon.

Lindsey and Lance CDI Calgary


Saturday morning was the freestyle. We decided as Lance handled the whole thing so well the day before in the Grand Prix, our plan would be to try for a bit more power in the freestyle. The warm up was super; powered up, engaged, forward and straight. We were ready to put this test away!!!!!…soooo…..unfortunately the music man running the music had a bit of a fubar and cut 10 seconds or so off the start of the freestlye. That then resulted in Lindsey having to madly catch up to the music for the first part of the freestyle. Ugh. Lindsey did great as Lance was a bit unsettled with all the rushing about and once they caught up to the music; the rest of the freestyle was awesome. And as we were the only ones in the CDI Grand Prix Freestyle class…another first place :). (Barb and I were both tearing up singing O Canada for this red ribbon though…)  ❤ the journey…

At the end of the class, I hitched the trailer and hit the road so I could get Lance home before the day really heated up. He was back in his stall at home, munching contentedly, by early afternoon.

Today is his well deserved day off and he and the rest of the barn are enjoying grazing as the morning sun rises. We’ll bring them all in before the heat of the day begins. 🙂

Lance turnout

Ivars is off for an early morning ride on his bike and I’m headed to the stable to ride…

🙂 ❤


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Amazing rider, amazing horse…

I was going to compose this blog tomorrow morning but the video is up so I’ll try to put this in words…

I am so proud of Lindsey Stroh.  Her dedication, focus, and attention to detail has produced this wonderful, amazing Grand Prix horse Lancelot. Coaching a horse like Lance and most importantly, coaching a rider like Lindsey, makes my job so very satisfying and wonderful to do each and every day.

Thank you Lindsey.  Thank you Lance.



Here’s the link to the YouTube video of Thursday’s Grand Prix test.



So proud of them, so proud of them…






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WEG Eh????

We’re home from the Calgary show.  It was a weekend of mega highs and mega lows.  I am very glad to be home after this one!!!!

Thank you to FEI Steward Linda Millar.  I took up a lot of her time asking question after question. She was so kind as to patiently walk me through her very thoughtful answers.  It is a great asset to our sport in Alberta to have such a knowledgable official at our shows.  Thank you Linda, you are awesome!!!

After Thursday and Friday, that because of technical difficulties, Lance was left confused and unhappy in his work.  It resulted in a disastrous first Grand Prix test on Friday.  The disaster in the test was no surprise; the problems in the warm up ring told us it was going to be a tough one.  The surprise was the mark…a 60% from Gabrial Armando, FEI 4*, ARG.  I really don’t know what he was looking at…that test was barely acceptable, barely a 50%.

The mark was so unimportant.  What was important was that we work out the equipment problems we were having and get the job done…get Lance back happy and confident and doing his job in the ring.

So with some more information from Linda Millar I made some decisions about Saturday’s ride. With this plan, we were now ready for the day.  I wasn’t convinced Lance was going to easily come back to his normal confidence so Lindsey and I discussed the ride.  We went over the approach to the half halt she would apply in the warmup ring.  If everything worked out as I hoped it would, we would have back our happy, confident Lance.  It worked and we were back at it!!!

A great Grand Prix test!!!!!!  Oh yeah…we did it Barefoot!!!

This test was a 65% from Mercedes Campdera, FEI 4*, MEX, and guess what…a 60% from Gabrial Armando, FEI 4*, ARG…I repeat my thoughts from Friday’s ride…”I really don’t know what he was looking at!!!!”.  Welcome to the subjective world of dressage… 🙂

Was it totally where we want it?…no.  Was it a great start?…hell ya!!!!

We don’t have him powered up yet.  We needed to get the half halt headed in the right direction at a low power setting in the ring.  When we power him up the passage and piaffe will then get more confident and confirmed.  The pirouettes will then get tighter and faster.  To power up Lance takes a very little ask (he wants to work at full power all the time but it’s not always going in the right direction 🙂 ) but to power him up and have it going in the way we want it to go, takes skill, finesse and a lot of time to explain it to him (I love him a lot but he is really not a “fast” thinker!! 🙂 ).

On our road to WEG (World Equestrian Games in France) August 2014, this is June 2013.  We are on track and heading in the right direction.

And Shannon Peters is here in a couple of months!!!!!!  We’ll have Lance (and Fred and William) very ready for Shannon’s input and polish.

Off to turn out a very tired Grand Prix horse to his very green paddock for a very well deserved day off!!!

(I love my job….. 🙂 )


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