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Red Deer Show and snow.

We had a great time at the Red Deer Young Riders show.  It was well run, friendly and very organized…yeah!  A big thank you to the organizing committee and all the volunteers that put together this show…a good job well done!

Lance won the PSG (65%) on Friday.  Fred and William were 2nd and 3rd at Fourth Level (64%, 62%).  Saturday was Fred at Fourth Level (2nd), William at FEI 6yr old (74.4%) and Lance at Inter One (63%).  As I was driving down on Sunday am, through a snow storm, I thought we should discuss coming home early on Sunday.  Lindsey agreed…snow was scary…head home….  Barb H and I worked Sequoia and then we loaded up and hit the road.

The drive north was easy…no snow.  Everyone got to graze for an hour or so at FCS in their paddocks before the clouds opened up and they came in for the evening.

It was so nice to be home and reconnect with everyone!  A group of very competitive athletes, brought together by a competition yet so very supportive of each other.  It seems a very unique camaraderie.  We found the same frame of mind in our travels this winter as well.  Maybe the focus we all have as to the well-being of our horses, allows for this great competition atmosphere.  Positive, encouraging, a great way to produce winners.  A wonderful way to spend a weekend.

Lindsey braiding Fred on a chilly Saturday morning.


Lindsey, Fred and Vickie, from warmup to competition ring.

Auntie Lindsey and Braydon...Happy Mother's day Grandma Barb!

The weather is going to be beautiful for the next week…yeah…outdoor riding  and much lawn mowing!!!!


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