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A trail ride for William.

William has been working very hard…cavelleties, hills and bendy bits. Wednesday is trail riding morning so William went on a trail ride with Chino!

Chino and William


Chino is the Arroyo Del Mar groom  extraordinaire that turns out all three horses each morning before we get to the stable. Thank you so much Chino for your care and expertise in dealing with them…it makes our mornings simpler and our horses very, very happy!

Monday was a low key day for us all as we recovered from the energy expended at the show last weekend. Lance had the day off and the other two had a lunge day. Tuesday was back at full work for all three.

Yesterday Lance and Fred had lessons with Shannon (William was happily trail riding!!!).  Both Lance and Fred worked in the cavesson (google “Spanish Riding School Cavesson if you want more info on it). It is a wonderful thing for so many reasons but for us the use, for right now, is to focus the accuracy of the half halt to the hind end power. And in Lindsey’s more than capable hands, it does the job nicely.

Today Lance and Fred will have a lesson with Shannon and we’ll work William once again on the hills and cavelletti.

(The fog has finally lifted and Tuesday the waves were very, very large! We took some extra time in the morning and went to Pannikin for tea…just to travel up and then back down the coast to watch the waves! We saw lots of surfers bobbing around in the waves but no one up and riding them. Maybe they were too big or not the best “riding” type????)



Off to unroll my yoga mat…


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Sundays mean Pannikin!!

When the weather is nice around here the bike lane on Hwy 101 Coast Highway are filled with cyclists.  Good cyclists, some real great cyclists and some “just checkin’ out the ocean waves” cyclists…what a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning.  And one of the very popular spots for cyclists to stop for a coffee along the way is Pannikin Coffee and Tea.  Really great coffee and teas and amazing “baked on site” goodness.  Everything from home baked granola bars to yummy gluten-free chocolate chip muffins!

And Sundays they make Orange Buns!!!!  Orange Buns…like cinnamon buns but much yummier!  Sticky, citrus-y, down right San Diego goodness!!!

So Linds and I first hit a Pilates class at Club Pilates then picked up Ivars and headed to Pannikin for Orange Buns to get the day really started!!!

Pannikin, headed south...

Pannikin, headed south…

We then headed to Arroyo, got the horses done and re-configured the trailer to standing stalls.  Ivars got on his bike (and biked up the hill from Arroyo…yikes, 1 km straight up!!) and went for a 47 km ride around Rancho Santa Fe then back to the house in Solana Beach.  He had a very good day and Linds and I had a very good day as well!  We went to TJMaxx and poked around.  Linds found her favorite jeans, in her size, at a small fraction of the price they would be at home!!

Pilates, orange buns, a great bike ride, super horses and favorite jeans…now that was a wonderful Sunday!!!

And now it looks like Monday will be a super wonderful day, Monday might be baby day!!!  News from Edmonton is that Kirsten and Andrew have headed to the hospital and we should have our new baby soon!!!  Amma and Papa will be home Wednesday night and new baby will be too!!!

Off to workout, then to Arroyo,



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A gloriously sunny day in San Diego

A very slow moving day at the barn yesterday.  Fred and Lance were on the treadmill (Lance need a second go round on the treadmill later in the afternoon;  just to work the kinks out totally 🙂 ) and William had a great stretchy lunge in the round pen.  They all were moving very slowly, still on recovery mode from the long trip south.  Today will be a riding day, very short rides for each but enough to get them back to focusing on Lindsey and ready for riding lessons with Shannon tomorrow.

I really can’t tell you how excited Lindsey and I are to ride with Shannon Peters tomorrow.  I’ll have to let the whole thing integrate a bit before I can put words to feelings and experiences.  More to come soon…I promise.

After a very lazy morning at the barn (treadmill, lunging, thumper massage for the horses), Lindsey and I hit the Pilates studio and we worked a Reformer class.  It was a great class and Lindsey was very appreciative of the workout after sitting in the truck for 3 days.  (Lindsey had an encounter with an icy ramp on the trailer in Idaho Falls and is still in recover mode.  Ice, massage and gentle movement are helping.)

The afternoon was to be a beach encounter for sure!!!

While we were at the barn in the morning, Ivars and Peter put 50kms or so on the bikes, Barb and Curtis experienced the wonders of the new Whole Foods grocery store (wow!!!!) and then we all met back at the cottage for mega walks on the beach.  Sooo lovely.

As the afternoon was ending, Lindsey and I headed back to the barn to finish with the horses.  Lance went back on the treadmill for a short stint, we fed them and put their blankets back on them for the night.

Then we made our way home to enjoy the sunset and a wonderful dinner at the house.  Yumm.

The sun and the surf and way, way out there...a couple of paddle boarders. They looked like they were walking on water!

The sun and the surf and way, way out there…a couple of paddle boarders. They looked like they were walking on water!

Ahhhh...a hard day at the office eh boys?  Our hard worked team mates chillin'...

Ahhhh…a hard day at the office eh boys? Our hard-worked team mates chillin’…

Another glorious sunset....

Another glorious sunset….

We are all continually pinching ourselves...can you believe this!!!!!??? Yes I can!!!

We are all continually pinching ourselves…can you believe this!!!!!??? Yes I can!!!

Catching the last bits of a wonderful sunset.

Catching the last bits of a wonderful sunset.

The marine layer moving in over the shore.

The marine layer moving in over the shore.

Ivars is flying home today.  😦 😦  I will always struggle to adapt to the separation we have to put into the schedule to make these big, wonderous plans work out and run smoothly.  Thank goodness for Skype and a fast WIFI at the cottage.

So…Ivars and I off the airport (first a quick detour to Pannikin for Sunday morning orange buns!!!) then Lindsey and I will be out to the barn for the morning.  Peter will be on his bike this morning and Barb and Curtis are heading to the beach for walk in the sand at low tide.

This is going to be an amazing day…I am so thankful.



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A lazy Sunday

Of course we started the day at Pannikin for orange buns…oh my, they are so worth the calories.  They only make them on Sunday mornings and they usually are still warm when we arrive.  All you can hear in the car, for the rest of the drive to the barn, is munching and the occasional “Ummmm, these are so good!”.  http://pannikincoffeeandtea.com/  A must stop when visiting San Diego!

All three horses got a session on the treadmill and then Lindsey took Lance and Fred for a walk around the farm.  William got to run, buck and roll for a bit in the stallion pen.  He had mucho fun and was caked in mud when I brought him in.  He got the dreaded shower (he hates the wash rack) and then dried in the sun while Lindsey pulled Lance and Fred’s manes.  Now they all look well loved and cared for!

We got back to the coach, it was sunny and but quite windy.  Never the less, I changed clothes and headed for a long walk on the beach.  Lindsey stayed home and “Melted”.  http://www.meltmethod.com/  Her hip is a bit wonky so we’re going slow and adding more rehab bits.  Look for the Melt addition to the Pilates Sundays mornings when we get home.

First lesson at 10am this morning…a great day ahead….


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Saturday off.

We spent a couple of hours at the barn in the morning.  Everyone had a turn on the treadmill, fed  lunch, dinner and breakfast made.  Off to Nordstrom’s Rack.  So it seems a lot of San Diegoians also think that a rainy day is a good day to shop at Nordstrom’s Rack.  The credit card stayed in the wallet.  You’d have to find something very special to stand in a line that stretched around the store just to pay for it!  We had a good shopping day just not a good buying day!

Had a tasty dinner with Shannon and Olivia at Pasta Pronto, (yum) drove home along the coast and watched the sun set (beautiful), and arrived back at the coach in time to Skype Ivars before heading to bed (11 more sleeps till he gets here).  A great day off.

Sunday is “orange bun” morning at Pannikin!!!!  A yummy, yummy way to start Sunday mornings!

Off to the barn,


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Crazy travel day yesterday.

Yesterday was nuts.

Early am flight from Edmonton to Calgary then Calgary to San Diego.  Seems the customs agents were working to rule or some other work related slow down in Calgary.  As a result Calgary airport was a complete mess, hundreds of passengers standing around waiting to have their flights called before being allowed to enter the pass control area.  All US bound flights, all airlines were a least an hour late leaving Calgary.  What a headache for everyone involved in scheduling.  I got to meet some great people headed to San Diego and got some leads on rental spots for April for the kids to visit.  Made for a long day…

Today is day off for the horses.  Treadmill and a walk.

We’re going to take Barb and Curtis’ bikes to them in Laguna Woods.  We brought then down in the horse trailer in January.  We’ll throw them in the truck, along with the baby gear (stroller, car seats and play pen) and have a visit.  The baby gear is for the grandbabies that will be visiting the Grammas this spring!

Lindsey is headed to the gym, I’m going to the beach, then off to Pannikin for tea and the stable…


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