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This sport of ours…ugh…

An educated mind

I know being an FEI judge is a tough gig…I don’t want it. But if you do take it on…being fair is important; being honest and in the moment is important and having the intelligence being able to evaluate complex movements on a graduated scale is vitally important. Changing your judge’s hat to a trainers and using a judge’s booth as a training tool is not important at this level.

Yesterday Lindsey rode her personal best and she and Lance were stellar. She had mistakes in the ones (very uncharacteristic for Lance!) and the marks reflected those mistakes. But the range of final scores from 58% to 65% made me step back.

My horse has a short neck and at times in that test, a shortened neck (they all do at times, check the best tests out). But to try and make a training point to us from the judge’s booth about a having short neck and needing better training, nope…not gonna fly…

lance GPS3

Lindsey and Lancelot, Grand Prix Special, Sunday

Congrats Lindsey on the bestest test yet! ❤

And a great big CONGRATS to Wendy Christoff and Treffer on their third place ribbon in this class…good riding girl!!!

We’re back in Alberta today (I think the mountains are calling…).

I need more tea…


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Listen and learn grasshopper..

Steffen’s words of wisdom text to Shannon this weekend on the use of leg in the test…”less sooner rather than more later“. So great..I think we need to record this somewhere…

Congrats to Ehren and Magic, and Emma an Zindan on great rides yesterday! Blue and red ribbons!!! Yeah! Thanks Shannon!



Yesterday was a light school in the morning for Lindsey and Lance as we had no class on Saturday. And it was great! Cleaned up some more issues in the half halt in “show mode Lance”.

The show grounds will be very quiet today as most of the classes in the CDI ended yesterday and horses have returned home. But the Grand Prix Special is in the morning. Lindsey and Lance go at 9:27.

We will be back on the freeway today ASAP after the presentations as to avoid the Sunday traffic back to San Diego.

Off to find some tea and head to the show grounds…



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Yeah Lindsey!!

And thank you Shannon Peters!!! (Shannon has a coaching shadow this weekend as she works her way through her FEI riders…me <3…continuing dressage coaching education. Yeah!!!!)

And yeah Lindsey Stroh!! A stellar ride on a bit of saggy Lance (He’s a bit of a diesel burner in this heat). Good riding girl!!! That definitely was your workout for the day!!

Lance GP2


Lance GP4

Lance GP6

And finally, a well earned shower... <3

And finally, a well earned shower… ❤

Today the Grand Prix classes CDI are the freestyles. CDI rules are that you can only enter two tests, the Grand Prix and either the Freestyle or the Grand Prix Special. We have opted for the Grand Prix Special at this CDI and it is scheduled tomorrow. So today Lance will have a light school in the morning, when it’s cooler and a hand walk later in the day.

Tomorrow’s Grand Prix Special will be in the morning so that will definitely be easier on Lance, weather wise.

A big congrats to Emma Weinert O’Rourke and Zindans…first place ribbon (74%) in the PSG. Another big congrats to Ehren Volk on her first place ribbon on Magic in Young Riders!! Wonderful rides!! Congrats coach Shannon!!! Well done team!!

Ivars got a good ride in on his bike on Griffon Park hills and will be back in the saddle this morning.

Off to find some tea…



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Yesterday was jog day…

The drive to LA was again brutal…3 1/2 hours even though we left at 5am. The early morning made it cool and comfortable for Lance and Magic in the trailer though 🙂 . I am so glad we only have do this twice this year!!

Yesterday’s schedule started with the in barn vet inspection soon after we arrived, then a short training ride with Shannon and finally a bath and braiding Lance for the jog…

Face washing...ugh

Face washing…ugh


Ok, ok, face washed!!!!

Ok, ok, face washed!!!!


Jog done!!!

Jog done!

Today is the Grand Prix starting at 2:03. Lindsey and Lance’s ride time is 2:48. California Dreaming Productions is again Live Streaming the CDI. Go to the web site (californiadreamingproductions.com), click on CDP Live and follow the links to buy a pass for the day or the weekend. It’s very inexpensive (cheap, cheap, cheap) and supports a very good service at these winter CDIs. Join Axel Steiner and listen in on the very educational judge’s commentary of each ride. It’ll be the best 10 bucks you spend all day!!

Off to put a short training ride on Lance this morning before it gets too sunny and hot…


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As our Auzzie BFF Emz said…

“Mr. Fat Lips strikes again!!!”

We missed the Grand Prix Special ride because just as Lindsey and Lance were to head down centre line, I noticed he had cut his lip on his curb chain hook. On the left side. (He cut it on the right side in Del Mar last year).



We have the inside of his mouth (and the nose band and the bits and all the mucosal linings in his body!!!) figured out. We bent and shaped the curb chain hook on the right side so it wouldn’t interfere with his lips. (We have ridden in several horse shows since Del Mar and it all works!!!)

But in 20/20 hindsight, I should have taken the creativity I applied to the right curb chain hook to the left curb chain hook as well…ugh!!!

So I’m going to check out the many types of curb chain hooks to see if we can make them even safer yet. (Emz said if I can’t find rubber curb chain hooks, I should invent them…great idea Em!!)

We are now back in San Diego. Lance and Magic are back in their stalls at Arroyo Del Mar. Fred and William were happy to see us yesterday and will go back to work today.

We found a nice restaurant for dinner last night and came home and broke into Ivars wine cellar at the condo. (We had a bit of a dilemma when we found out the wine opener was with Barb and Curtis in Palm Springs…hello big black diesel truck…cork screw in glove box? Yes!!!) (I love my husband!!! ❤ )

Lindsey’s off to the gym this morning and I’m going to find my yoga mat…William and Fred are waiting for us!!

(Steffen’s freestyle is scheduled for 1:00. Too bad we’re not there to see it. I’m sure he’ll knock it outa the park again!!! Go Steffen!!!)


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Everyone tried their best…

And today we’re going to try a bit harder!!

First 2015 CDI Grand Prix done!

First 2015 CDI Grand Prix done!

Lance warmed up great for the Grand Prix test but going from outdoor arena  to indoor competition arena just unsettled him enough that he backed off the impulsion too much to really make this complex test work well. Lindsey rode very well, so very, very well. Lance tried really hard and did his best but not enough impulsion is not a good enough answer to the difficult GP questions Lindsey was asking! But thank you Lance for trying!

At the end of the day, we watched Steffen and Legolas write the book on how to ride a Grand Prix test!!! Masterful!! He pulled out all the stops and risked it!!  77%!!! Congrats Steffen!!

Today we’ll address the concept of “no backing off at all Lance!” in the warm up ring and see if he can take that concept to the competition ring. Grand Prix Special at 9:50 (PST), live streaming at California Dreaming Productions (same as yesterday).

As today is our last day of competition here, we’ll pack everything up this afternoon and head back to Arroyo.

Off to start packing…




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Jog done…

This will be a photo heavy post!

Jog photos, Canadian wine and cheese photos…

Thanks Shannon and Steffen!!(we commandeered their canopy for the Canadian wine and cheese event!!) and thanks Barb and Curtis for the beautiful spread!!

Lance, hanging out with Lindsey, waiting for the jog...

Lance, hanging out with Lindsey, waiting for the jog… 

"It's our turn next Linds!!"

“Hey look!! It’s our turn next Linds!!”

The Canadian Wine and Cheese at the end of Barn 7.  Thanks Shannon  and Steffen!!!

The Canadian Wine and Cheese at the end of Barn 7. Thanks Shannon and Steffen!!!

More Canadians!!

More Canadians!!

Canada 5

Canada 6

The sun setting on a wonderful day.

The sun sets on the jog…game day tomorrow!!

The ride times for Friday are posted at…


(Olivia (PSG) 10:16; Grand Prix times… Shannon 1:37, Lindsey 2:31, Steffen 3:55)

Off to find tea and get this day rolling!!!



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