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Great weekend…north and south…

From California to Sunshine Village Alberta, it was a marvellous, marvellous weekend!!

In California, everyone has moved into their comfortable rentals; condos and box stalls.

The horses have been ridden (Lindsey tells me some of their hind legs still seem to be on the road north somewhere…hopefully they’ll catch up to the fronts this week!!!). Lessons with Shannon start today!! ❤

Peter has put an great amount of time on his bike. (150 kms) Considering the gruelling drive down, he’s obviously re fuelling with 2 wheeled saddle time!

And I’m sure Merle, Jayne and Iris are getting their “sea legs” and found the sound of the waves easy on the ears at night. (Iris is back to ride Luke this week so I’ll get the catch up news!

From Sunshine Village…the wedding was perfect in every way! The bride and groom (Bri and Brandon) did a marvellous job at everything. We were so happy to be there to be part of the love and joy they celebrated all weekend. Congrats to Bri and Brandon and Sweets and Rosenthals.


At the top of the Standish Chair...wedding pictures!

Wedding pictures at the top of the Standish Chair!

A family photo at the top of the Strawberry Chair.

A family photo at the top of the Strawberry Chair.

While the babies played in the tup, Amma and Papa skied. This is from the top of the Brewster Chair.

Sunday morning, while the babies played in the tub, Amma and Papa skied. This is from the top of the Brewster Chair.

It was over 25 years ago I did the ski out under the gondola with 2 yr old Greg snow plowing between my legs. Yesterday Ivars and I  joined our grandkids Mack and Cali and son in law Andrew as we skied out to the base from the Village. A most amazingly wonderful fun filled weekend….

Off to the stable and my home ponies…my honies!!!


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Looking forward to 2016!!

Those of you that have been following the blog, you are up to date on the re-think of the Flying Colours Dressage concept.

For new readers, here’s the low down…

This year we have added the opportunity for Flying Colours clients to spend some time in California pursuing their dressage dreams. We have 3 clients and their horses training at Arroyo for the winter with Lindsey.  I will spend most of the winter in Alberta keeping up with the training of our home based riders and horses. I will be in California for all the CDIs (5 this year) and will add lots of details to the blog from the weeks of each competition.

So the blog will look at bit different this winter.

From California, Lindsey will send us updates periodically along with Jayne, Iris and Merle.

So the Alberta section of the blog may periodically look like this…

From the balcony, in our hotel room...sunset

From the balcony, in our hotel room…sunset

Daddy and Meggie and her first skis!

Daddy and Meggie and her first skis!

So hopefully I can reflect, in the blog, our expanded version of Flying Colours Dressage and keep you up to date and fill you in on the details of our journey…so looking to 2016!!!

Off to an early breakfast and out skiing…its wedding day (more on that later!!!)!!!


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Landed, Docked and Stowed at Arroyo!!!

And I slept last night…finally!!!

All six horses had great night in Idaho Falls. They ate, drank and slept and were ready for the next leg of journey yesterday…the tough one.

After a very long day (18+ hours), all 6 horses are now safely tucked into their stalls at Arroyo Del Mar. Whew!


The drive south (Edmonton/San Diego) is very doable but the logistics of three days on the road with 6 sensitive, highly tuned, equine athletes requires a lot of preparation and respect for the travel process. And I am always so thankful, grateful and relieved when it’s done!!!!

The drivers (and navigators  ) along with the horses, will now get several days to recover from the long trip. The humans will be on their bike (Peter), find the gym (and hopefully a massage) (Lindsey) and enjoy long walks on the beach (Merle and Iris). The horses will also be enjoying long walks at Arroyo, naps in the afternoon and lots of TLC from everyone.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Everyone safe and happy in San Diego!!

I’m going skiing…


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Travel day two…done…

Everyone was up and on the road to make the border crossing and the vet check early yesterday.

Lindsey ran into a bit of problem. Luckily I was near my computer and could fill in the US Border Agent with more documentation. I thought we had the right documents along (that was on my “border crossing” list) but found out we need to add more details to make it work. The agent was very helpful and a quick email to him from my desk solved the problem. Now both trailers were headed to the vet check and then back on the road!

Winter Coutts

“How easy it is to find and appreciate the beauty of a cold winter morning when you are living your dream!!!!” Iris 

two trailers

The weather cooperated and the roads were good. The passes over the Rockies were clear and now the horses are all bedded down in their second overnight horsey hotel. They are all triple blanketed overnight as the stable is unheated. In hindsight, I am a bit thankful that we clipped them early this year. They are all quite fuzzy and will need to be re-clipped in California but sleeping in Idaho Falls, in an unheated stable…the fuzz will help keep them cozier!

Today is the big travel day. Idaho Falls to San Diego. It’s going to be a very long day. Salt Lake City, Vegas, Los Angeles and then the gorgeous drive into San Diego. At least the roads will be clear of snow and ice the further south they drive…

So looking forward to seeing the arrival photos of all six horses (and 4 humans!!!) at Arroyo tonight…ohhhhhmmmmm……



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