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Spring blizzard…

The morning started off with a light snow.   By the time everyone was fed, it was a blizzard.  No turnout for anyone in the barn and anyone shivering in the snow came in to box stalls.  We cleaned the barn and waited for Dr. Ross to arrive to go through the semi-annual teeth check and needed floating.  Everything was under the expert care of Linda so I thought I’d better put a trip to Costco on the list of  things to do for the day. 

Despite the dire warnings of abysmal road conditions…I love my one ton truck in 4X4…and being the eternal optimist I am, I thought this snowy day would be the perfect day to shop for deck furniture and accessories.  And I was right…no crowds, great parking and a Costco hot dog!!! 

View from the deck, early am Tuesday


From the kitchen window.The dressage ring...Rory and Carter in the shelter!!!!!!

The dressage ring...under snow in May.


Rory and Carter are in the shelter at the top of the hill...really.


The snow is already half melted and will be gone in the next couple of days leaving behind green grass and (my favorite job!!) mowing!!! 

Yesterday was the start of birthday week around here and today is Mack’s first birthday! 

Mack learning to push the button on his baby quad!

We leave for the Red Deer show tomorrow with three horses so today is the big ride, pack, bathe day.  Here’s hoping the weather warms up for Friday! 

Birthday cake and many photo ops tonight (Mack is ONE today!!), 


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