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Maybe this is the real question?…

Real food

Maybe this is also the real question we should be asking about feeding our horses as well?

I missed this question when I changed my stable to whole, organic grain several years ago. I did it because I felt I needed to find more answers to the issue of irritated gut, not enough “good” energy while working and ultimately…keeping equine athletes happy and fit for long careers.

So I bit the bullet and switched to certified organic grain. (I had already switched to organic hay previously).


The results have been awesome. I could go on for pages…less gut irritation, more muscle building with the same effort, amazing coats, very good working energy, etc…

And the big surprise…overall about the same grain costs!!! As we did the gradual grain change over, I noticed I did not need to feed the same amount of organic feed as processed feed. Better muscle, better energy, better training, less feed with organic. 🙂 So my feed costs have stayed about the same for my whole stable from processed feed to organic. 🙂 🙂 🙂

We stock Genesis Certified Organic Feed here at Flying Colours. It is also available at County Living in Okotoks and if Edmonton horse owners would like it available…G and E Pharmacy will bring it in to the store, if you request!!!

So drop into G&E and ask for Genesis!!! Or drop by the stable and ask us about Genesis! ❤

Off to find my yoga mat…OMG I’m a vegetarian, yoga doing, organic eating, animal trainer…I guess I am the “Organic Lady”!!! ❤


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Organic Horse Feed in Calgary???

Yes!! Genesis, certified organic horse feed, is in Calgary at Okotoks County Living and Garden Centre. 403.938.4094

Genesis Calgary

We dropped off another load of Genesis to Okotoks last week….I’m now known as the “Organic Lady” to their staff…and I kinda like that!!!

If you need more info on the feed, (we stock it here at Flying Colours) drop me a note and I’ll fill you in…

The Organic Lady…Ha!!!



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Why organic?

Why organic for humans and equines?

This is from http://www.soilassociation.org…

Their thoughts on a new meta analysis from the British Journal of Nutrition…


The most up-to-date research shows that organic crops are of a much higher nutritional quality than their non-organic counterparts. The peer reviewed research, a ‘meta-analysis’ of 343 previous studies by Newcastle University, and published in the British Journal of Nutrition, has found significant differences between organic and non-organic farming.

The research, presents strong evidence that switching to food produced using organic standards can lead to increased intake of nutritionally desirable antioxidants, without increased calories, as well as a reduced intake of potentially harmful cadmium and pesticides. The message is clear: how we farm can affect the quality of the food we eat. Organic is different.

The key findings of the study were:

  • Production method affects quality: The analysis is the most extensive and reliable to date and clearly supports the view that the quality of food is influenced by the way it is produced.
  • More antioxidants: Organic crops (cereals, fruit and vegetables) have significantly higher concentrations of antioxidants/(poly)phenolics compared with non-organic produced counterparts. This includes more phenolics (19% higher), flavanones (69% higher), stilbenes (28% higher), flavones (26% higher), and flavonols (50% higher). A switch to consuming organic crops would allow a 20-40% increase in antioxidant/(poly)phenolics consumption without an increase in calorie intake.
  • Fewer pesticides: The frequency of occurrence of detectable pesticide residues is four times higher in non-organic crops. Non-organic fruit had the highest pesticide frequency (75%), compared to non-organic vegetables (32%) and non-organic crop based processed foods (45%). By contrast pesticide residues were found in 10% of organic crop samples. The best way to reduce your exposure to pesticides in all foods is to buy organic. Certified organic food including all fruits and vegetables will overall contain fewer pesticides. Many people don’t realise over 320 pesticides can be routinely used in non-organic farming and these are often present in non-organic food.
  • Less cadmium: The analysis detected 48% lower concentrations of the toxic heavy metal cadmium in organic crops.
  • Less nitrogen: Nitrogen concentrations – linked in some studies to an increased risk of certain cancers such as stomach cancer – were found to be significantly lower in organic crops.

It is clear that organic farming delivers real differences in nutrients between organic and non-organic crops.

…for humans and for equines…

We stock Genesis Organic Horse Feed. Certified 100% Organic. We feed it, we sell it, we love it.


If you are interested in Genesis for your horse..contact me for more details 780.361.7062 or flngclrs@incentre.net



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Core Mechanics for Riders Concepts Weekend

This weekend is Core Mechanics weekend!!! June 6/7

We are so looking forward to Core Mechanics Concepts. Concepts weekends are so interesting as we introduce Core Mechanics to riders for their first time. It’s a time of discovery, exploration and understanding. So much fun!


Core Mechanics for Riders

Self-carriage is not just a horse issue!

Core Mechanics Workshops are about exploring dynamic stability for the rider and then applying the concepts to work in the saddle.  A fully stable rider is better able to effectively influence the horse as they move together both horizontally and vertically.

Core Mechanics weekends will improve your riding technique by introducing exercises to improve body awareness and connection, general suppleness, better balance, and overall strength.

An aware, supple, balanced rider can better influence and create these same qualities in the horse.

This 2 day workshop will teach you to work on the mat with exercises carefully selected for riders.  We will work both days is on the mat and in the saddle.

Day One – Building Body Awareness and Control


  • Group Core Mechanics mat class in the morning; introduce general principles and specific riding focused exercises
  • Demo in arena, mounted, of body control in the saddle (left/right, front/back, in motion) (Lindsey and Lance)
  • Apply Core Mechanics awareness learned in the morning on the mat to the saddle (individual riding sessions with Lindsey and Vickie)

Day Two – Building Body Awareness, Control, Strength and Endurance


  • Semi private Core Mechanics mat work in the morning (exercises will be specific to each rider)
  • Apply Core Mechanics awareness learned in the morning to the saddle (another individual riding session with Lindsey and Vickie)

The posture we have while off our horses is mirrored while riding.  Core Mechanics will help create a strong, aligned body that will enhance your riding effectiveness.

Happy riding, happy horses.



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Meet the N2 team!!

We have been working in our N2 saddle on Lance now for about 3 weeks and are thoroughly, amazingly  pleased with it. It sits Lindsey in a most wonderfully effective balance. The result…a more effective half halt! Who could ask for more!!! 🙂

Nathan Matson and Tara Tesolin are the Canadian saddle fitters for N2. They will be at the CDI in Calgary with N2 saddles for demos. For anyone not at the CDI, they will be at Flying Colours on Monday June 29. If you have any questions…

flngclrs@incentre.net or   780.361.7062

Meet Nathan Matson, N2 Saddles…

Nathan N2


Carter...helping Dad fit N2 saddles!!!

Carter…helping Dad fit N2 saddles!!!

We love our N2 ❤ ❤ ❤

Off to enjoy another lovely Alberta spring day…


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I am very selective about my passions (If I’m going to be all in, I can only fit in a few 🙂 )

The Sport of Dressage…yup…passionate about that…

And to be passionate about my sport I have become very passionate about horse care. Our sport is all about producing a happy, sound, healthy equine athlete. There are no short cuts. And the best way is to produce the best is become more knowledgeable.

And I have become more knowledgeable about organic feed. Organic food for my family and organic feed for my horses.

I am passionate about organics.

I feed certified organic Genesis Horse Feed to all my horses.

I feed organic hay to all my horses. Thank you Michael Coen and family from Grass Roots Family Farms.


All our horses are turned out on organic pasture each day.

For all the reasons you may choose to feed your family organics (the first being simply…a steady ingestion of pesticides, herbicides just can’t be a good thing), are the same reasons I feed my horses organic feed and hay.

And for the reasons you may choose not to feed your family organics (cost, availability), I have learned how to work with those set backs in order to feed organics. The pay off for my family and for my horses has been amazing.

I am totally passionate about organic horse feed. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤




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Alberta Update

We’ve been home for a week now and are enjoying our home and family. The horses arrived late Saturday night and they are enjoying their paddocks and the newly sprouted green grass.

Meghan and her friend Dune

Monday…Meghan and her friend Dune.



This morning...

This morning…

Yesterday was a wonderful spring snowfall; a great silencing white blanket covering the whole farm. The horses stayed in and much to their delight, Maria McDowell (Muscle Matters) arrived. Thank you Maria for getting to Flying Colours especially when you were a touch under the weather!! We love you!!! ❤

So today is a total relax day for them all. Turnout till noon and a nap after lunch and their day is done!

This week will just be walking and relaxing for all three. They go back to full work on Monday.

So that gives me time for me to tackle the piles on my desk… 🙂


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Now that boys and girls, was fun!

Yesterday we had a very good early morning school in the indoor arena in preparation for the freestyle that night. Lance was awesome, Lindsey was awesome and everyone was happy! We then had a long, rainy day ahead of us till Freestyle night. It was a Net Flix afternoon at home!! 🙂

Last night was electric in the Del Mar arena. Lots of people, lots of noise and under the lights!! Lance is a very cool dude and nothing much bothers him but even he snorted with excitement in a couple of the piaffe movements! Go Lance go!! It was a great freestyle, a great test!!! 66.2%, 6th place. I am so proud of them!!!

So we celebrated our last show here by going to I N Out…I know, I know…too much excitement…we’ll keep it down now till we get home!!

I N Out

Lance won a pretty blue ribbon in the Grand Prix on Friday.

Lance won a pretty blue ribbon in the Grand Prix on Friday.

The racetrack ducks...I think they missed their flights north...

The racetrack ducks…I think they missed their flights north…

Checking scores on FoxVillage on Lindsey's phone is not easy this weekend.

Checking scores on FoxVillage on Lindsey’s phone is not easy this weekend.

Eddie took Lance and Magic home last night. Thank you Eddie! So today we are off to finish packing up the trailer and take it back to Arroyo. Today is “feet” trimming day at Arroyo! Sossity and Mario will make sure their feet are all looking good and in good balance for the trip home.

It’s going to be a great Sunday!!



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This never gets old…

Del Mar National CDI.

4 22 2

We love this show.

4 22 1

This will be our 6 year at this show. (7…if you count the time I came down to scout out a new coach to help us in our international goals and found her…Shannon Peters!!!).

Each year this show is always exciting for us. The work from the last 3 months with Shannon is getting solid. We are understanding the concepts and Lindsey and Lance are able to consistently add these new skills to the work. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Shannon’s happy, I’m happy, Lindsey’s happy and most importantly Lance is happy. A happy Grand Prix horse…happy in his understanding of the work, happy in his ability to do the work, he’s happy and willing in the very difficult Grand Prix work.

This never gets old…<3




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Del Mar National Live Streaming!!!

This year USEF will be live streaming the Grand Prix on Friday and the Grand Prix Freestyles on Saturday night!! Yeah!!

This is the only link I have to the broadcast right now. It doesn’t list the Grand Prix on the schedule yet. I’ll check on it and if there is a different link, let you know.


The Grand Prix coverage starts at 3 pm on Friday and the Freestyles on Saturday night at 7 pm.

As this is a CDI, we won’t know Lance’s ride time till after the jog and each day after the draw.

Thank you all for your support…it means sooooo much…especially a big thank you for Mrs. Spiller’s Grade 6 cheering squad!!!

Deb's class


We’re going for it guys!!!! Thanks for cheering us on!!!


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