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The Basics

Wow!!  We had a great week o f lessons with Shannon.

The horses have made such progress in a short period of time building on the work that Vickie and I had done at home. I am constantly reminded that it is all about the basics. If those are clear and understood by both the horse and rider all the movements become much easier.

This week our focus on all three horses has been ensuring that the inside leg to outside rein connection is confirmed and consistent in all aspects of the work. I have a whole new understanding and feel of the concept and what to expect of the horses. When the horses are clearly off the inside leg to the outside rein the work changes from good to exceptional.  And we like exceptional!!!

The horses had a massage on Thursday with Shannon’s therapist, Rick.  Only minor adjustments were needed as Maria takes such great care of them every two weeks at home. The horses definitely enjoyed their treatment after the increase in work the last two weeks!!

Day off for the horses on Saturday but not for me….I have a personal training session Saturday morning at LA Fitness. Hope I can walk on Sunday!!



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Last week of May!!!

May has been a month of surprizes…the biggest one being the rain and snow last weekend!  Sounds like we are done with it, for a while at least!  The moisture was soooo needed.  We got a lot of rain and everything is getting so green.  I left the lid off Mack’s baby pool on the deck and it’s almost full.  The ground is wet but not muddy.  The outdoor rings are fantastic and we didn’t have to water them!  Awww…the mosquitos will be thick this summer.

Asst coach Mack...helping Grandma...

On the move...


"Whoa..nice half pass!"

Fred and Linds

Lance, the grass is getting greener...

Lance yesterday...looks like "mowing" is on the job list for today!!!


Armed with a can of Deep Woods Off in each hand…headed to the stable…


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Shannon Peters clinic was so awesome!

My brain is full and still tired!!!! 

Shannon was amazing.  Happy horses.   Horses “getting it done” , understanding the work, working hard.  All the riders…improving their postitions to enable their horses to work better.  Fits right in around here!!!  Shannon will work her schedule out so she can return.  We are California bound for 2010.

Here are some of the comments heard over the weekend…

Shannon Peters clinic, my notes.



  • Shoulder blades together
  • Find Mavie’s collected trot, move it out once he has the strength carry it around the arena
  • If he’s horizontal and you push him forward, he’ll just fall on the forehand more
  • Use your hamstrings to keep your leg back
  • Lift in your seat, not push down
  • Swing left and right in sit trot, no uni seat
  • Activate the outside hind in the right lead canter to keep the 3 beat canter



  • Up in upper body but lower rib attached to hips
  • No leaning back
  • Rebalance, seat, hand. Get an answer
  • Stay down in your elbows, half halt with your elbows, soften lower arm
  • Step into inside stirrup for canter transition
  • Turn waist to the inside
  • Keep shoulders together
  • His shoulders need to come up and out of the way…tap the shoulder


  • Go from calf to hand
  • Release the tension in your body in the collection
  • Drop your elbows in resistance and soften lower arms
  • Turn waist and rib cage to the inside
  • Keep your hands in front of your seat bones and low
  • Sit to the inside
  • Don’t hold him with your legs in the canter
  • Relax lower leg in walk
  • Bring him up to you in sit trot
  • Stay in one place with your body


  • Use outside leg on 4 pt of the circle
  • Down in elbows, soften lower arm
  • Use your calf to trot
  • Don’t let your back overtake your abs
  • Turn waist to the inside
  • Start half halt with lower abs
  • Push your knuckles to his mouth
  • Control your belt buckle
  • Bring him up to you in sit trot
  • Tap the shoulder to control the lean if he won’t respond to your outer thigh


  • Get the shoulder up and out of the way
  • Yield rein in collection
  • Your upper back will lower his hips
  • Step inside, flex, quicken hind legs
  • He needs to take you from A to B
  • No bad changes
  • Keep canter honest
  • Long neck, stay engaged
  • Use weight aids to settle him, left, right, together, give
  • Maintain canter with legs in position not on


  • Give in collection
  • Side pass, rein back, side pass
  • Very clear release
  • Use hands to give in time with the withers
  • Make her honest in canter
  • She’ll follow your weight
  • Short sides, bring her up to you
  • Weight aids
  • Make it happen 100%


  • Think of him to be above the bit
  • Give in collection
  • Use weight aids
  • Don’t let him make you carry him
  • In half halt; active, under, lift
  • Don’t let him find your hands to push against

 We are looking forward to her return clinic. 

Horses head to California mid January back the beginning of April, 4 CDIs and one National show.


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Babies and Big Girls Dressage Show

Flying Colours Stables

Babies and Big Girls Dressage Show

Labour Day, Monday, Sept 7, 2009

9 am start

Hot Dogs at 12 noon, ice cream cones to follow

Little girls in the indoor

  • Dressage tests, ridden and lead (morning)

Big girls in the outdoor

  • Dressage tests, ridden (morning)

Ouhhhhhh Baby (Big, big girls)

  • Tests/lessons indoor (morning)

Noon Lunch

  • Hot dogs, ice cream 

Afternoon class

Partner up with your sister or mommy or daddy.  Decorate your horse with anything you can find in the stable (tickle trunks will be available to entrants)

This class is your chance to impress the judges. You will have 3 minutes in the arena to influence and impress the judge(s)

Does your horse do tricks? Maybe you think the judges deserve some soothing music and a nice drink while you show them your horse?  Maybe your horse can follow you with carrots?  Maybe the judges can follow you with chocolate????!!!

This is your chance to bring TRUTH to the rumor that judges can be bribed!  Just remember, Lindsey starts with extra hidden points…Peter is judging!!!!


(All children must leave in the vehicles they arrived in (trades are allowed but all children must be off the premises by close of afternoon classes or at least by bedtime)) (Mack is exempt, Grandma doesn’t allow trades)

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