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Last week at Arroyo

It was a busy day at the barn yesterday, everyone getting ready for the Del Mar show.  Lots of lessons, lots of planning and packing.

Steffen arrived home to a great round of applause as he walked into the stable.  Congrats Steffen, well done!!!!  Betty was leaping and bouncing…her Steffen was home!

Betty...waiting for Steffen...

Betty…waiting for Steffen…

While we were busy at the stable, the truck was getting a check up and ready for the trip home.  One new glo plug and the exhast fluid topped up and the truck is ready for the big trek back home!  Thanks Emma and Hanna for the lift to the Ranch!!

We left the Greg and Phaedra at home to plan their day.  Surfing and more practicing hill starts in the car were on the list.  They got both accomplished and had a blast.

Surf boards in the yard

Surf boards in the yard

Phaedra got a bit of a sunburn…ahhh, silly Canadians….

Our surfer girl (she'll be tanned today...)

Our surfer girl (she’ll be tanned today…)

Today is Greg and Phaedra’s last day here in San Diego and they are going to hit the beach again this morning and then head to downtown San Diego for the afternoon.  They both have sessions booked at Float Spa San Diego (sensory deprivation tanks).  I’m sure they’ll have lots to talk about at dinner tonight…or they both might be so relaxed out they’ll be asleep before sunset?  The full Southern California experience for both of them today!!!!!

For us the day is again, horses…more horses!  Lance and Fred will have lessons with Shannon, William will have a light work day.  At the end of the day we are going to set up Lance’s stall at the show grounds and hopefully get in a Reformer class at Club Pilates.

Peter arrives tomorrow and Ivars on Friday 🙂 🙂 :).

Off to another wonderful day at Arroyo!


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3 Weeks Left…

So with 3 weeks left we are packing the most learning we can into each day.  That has been our motto each day this year as we are only here training with Shannon for 2 months but to think we’ve only 3 weeks left…ugh…open your mind darlin’… open it wide, there’s so much more sunshine to let in!!!

Thank you Shannon for listening to my many questions and answering them all so patiently.

Vickie, Emma, Olivia and Lindsey.  Taking notes from the sidelines...

Vickie, Emma, Olivia and Lindsey. Taking notes from the sidelines…

So we’re at Arroyo early today as Barb is flying back to Alberta.  We’ll get one lesson with Shannon early and then Barb and I will slip out to the airport and I’ll be back for the next lesson time.

Fred’s lesson was wonderful yesterday so we’ll give her a stretchy ride today and ride William with Shannon today.  Lance will have the second lesson time with Shannon.  He and Lindsey were amazing yesterday so today will be so exciting!!!!

To be immersed in this intense, brilliant learning environment each day is the stuff of dressage dreams.  I am so grateful.

Off to Arroyo, another beautiful day ahead…


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Sunday at Arroyo Del Mar

We started the day out at a Pilates Reformer class and then headed to the barn.  A lovely, low energy day.  On the schedule; no riding, treadmill, vibe plate and a bit of a lunge for William.

Zee and Olivia Wentworth-Stanley; a trail riding day today!

Zee and Olivia Wentworth-Stanley; a trail riding day today!

Olivia and Zee

Olivia and Zee

Emma and Sean; a quick visit to Velvet.

Emma and Sean; stopped in for a quick visit to Velvet.

Shannon's groom Carly and Arroyo's barn manager Carrie

Shannon’s groom Carly Collari and Arroyo’s barn manager Carrie

Today is a barn morning for Barb and I and then to pick up Lindsey from the airport.  By all reports Lindsey has had a great weekend at home; teaching mega hours each day and having some down time in the evenings with Peter and the puppies.  We’ll all head back  Arroyo to ride this afternoon.

Off to “Melt” my hamstrings (yesterday’s class was stellar!!)


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I’m back in San Diego….

Lindsey has flown home this weekend to teach, visit Peter and play in the snow…

well maybe not the last bit…

Lindsey's early morning, before flight home, lesson with Shannon, on Fred.

Before her Thursday flight home, Lindsey’s early morning lesson with Shannon on Fred.

Betty (before her summer hairdo) waiting for Steffen to come home...poor Betty Boo, she misses her Dad. :(

Betty (before her summer hairdo) waiting for Steffen to come home…poor Betty Boo, she misses her Dad. 😦

Emma and Super Cheese on their way to their lesson with Shannon yesterday.

Emma and Super Cheese on their way to their lesson with Shannon yesterday.

Check out Lientje's new  hairdo...lovely!!!

Check out Lientje’s new hairdo…lovely!!!

Barb is here with me this weekend…yeah Barb!!!  Having an extra hand around the barn is a major luxury and I love it!!  Nevermind the fact that we can be real “lunch ladies” so we tried out a new vegan place, Native Foods…yuuuum!

Off to Yoga Melt this morning then out to the stable,


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Oh yeah…I remember…it does get cold here…

The weather has turned grey.  Last week was California Dreamin’ sunny and warm and this week is California Reality; winter dizzily and grey.  Break out the scarfs and gloves, we are on it…we’re not shovelling it and the cooler temps are great riding weather, we’re smilin’.

The horses are almost working at their normal energy levels.

In past years, we have found that day 5 off the truck is the magic day that the travel cobwebs are gone.  At that point, everyone kicks in and they start to work easily at their normal energy levels.  Yesterday was day 4 so we’re almost there.

Yesterday we had lessons with Shannon on Fred and Lance (William is still dragging his butt around and would not make even 1/2 hr lesson with Shannon).

Everyone at Arroyo is busily getting ready for the show at Show Park  in Del Mar this weekend.  This show did not work out for us timing wise…boo hoo.  Too bad we couldn’t fit it in as it’s a great show; super footing, well run and safe stalls.  Our first show will be at San Juan Capistrano in 2 weeks, another great venue.

Lance's lesson with Shannon

Lance’s lesson with Shannon

William working the kinks out yesterday.

William working the kinks out yesterday.

Lindsey Stroh and Lientje Schueler catching up on the latest...

Lindsey Stroh and Lientje Schueler catching up on the latest…

Fred's lesson with Shannon.

Fred’s lesson with Shannon.

Today is lessons with Shannon again on Lance and Fred and then they’ll all get a well deserved rest day on Thursday.

For us, today is MELT (google it..MELT rocks) this evening.  I may try to sneak a run in on the beach (bundled up for sure!!) before MELT.

We won’t be at a Pilates class today as it’s rest day for us.  I have found a wonderful Pilates studio full of Reformers and Barres and all the other Pilates paraphernalia that puts together a great Pilates workout and it’s just minutes away from the cottage.  And $10/class!!!  Lindsey and I are so happy!!!  (We’ve got Emma Weinert along as well for company…makes for a fun class and great workout!!!!)

Goodness life is good, I am so thankful.


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You say marine layer, I say fog…

Fog, the pea soup variety, that’s what we woke up to yesterday.  The drive to the barn was very fast, dense traffic, denser fog.

They don’t call it fog here.  The local term is marine layer.  So marine layer it is.

Everything was socked in all the way to the barn.  The sun burned it all off very quickly at the barn and it was lovely riding weather;  sunny, warm, a bit of a breeze.  The horses were all super duper yesterday, still working hard on the stop, go, and turn details.  William did his lesson in the covered (it was quite empty!), Lance was in the newly set up dressage ring in the jumper arena, (on the long lines with Shannon and I for a bit and then off to work with Lindsey aboard), and Fred, even though quite tired, turned it on and worked her very best in a very busy jumper arena.  A really great day…

We headed to the Western Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (we had to order shavings for the dressage show next week).  Not much going on, some reiners working but very few.  We headed home.  The marine layer was still quite thick along the coast.  Everything in the coach was damp and soggy.  On the positive side, my normal dry winter skin feel is not to be found anywhere!

The batteries on the camera died…someone forgot to plug them in overnight (I remembered last night :))  So only a photo of the girls today…

Lindsey Stroh, Emma Weinert, Noelle Buijen

And this photo from Facebook…laughed so hard when I read the comment…

Photos from Olympic Diving...or what it would look like if men gave birth...

2 more sleeps till Aleks and Neil arrive from Phoenix!!!  So looking forward to Saturday am!!!

Off to another great day…



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A warm week ahead…

So this is how I start my morning…

Sent from home, Kirsten’s IPhone…

"Hey 'Amma...You be home soon?"

"Good Morning 'Amma!"

We had a great day the barn.  Shannon long lined Fred in the covered arena and then Lindsey rode her…wonderful ride!  Shannon’s amazing work on the lines has really opened the door to the next level with Fred’s work.

Next ride was Lance.  Lindsey warmed him up in the covered.  (The big jumper ring was not ridable yet because of the rain on the weekend so the dressage court was quite crowded.  The dressage court is great riding after a rainy spell as it is tarped before the rain starts.  Yeah for the tarp!!!)  After warming him up, we headed to the busy dressage court.  Shannon and I were on the long lines, Lindsey riding and we worked centre lines in piaffe and passage.  He was a good boy!

William’s work for the day was turn out.  He goes to work today!

Fred and Lindsey in the covered arena.

Emma and Zidane


The weather has been spectacular; warm, sunny, soooo nice.  Lindsey headed to the gym, I headed to the beach.  A long, long walk with a good book.

Another warm day ahead today…


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