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Listen and learn grasshopper..

Steffen’s words of wisdom text to Shannon this weekend on the use of leg in the test…”less sooner rather than more later“. So great..I think we need to record this somewhere…

Congrats to Ehren and Magic, and Emma an Zindan on great rides yesterday! Blue and red ribbons!!! Yeah! Thanks Shannon!



Yesterday was a light school in the morning for Lindsey and Lance as we had no class on Saturday. And it was great! Cleaned up some more issues in the half halt in “show mode Lance”.

The show grounds will be very quiet today as most of the classes in the CDI ended yesterday and horses have returned home. But the Grand Prix Special is in the morning. Lindsey and Lance go at 9:27.

We will be back on the freeway today ASAP after the presentations as to avoid the Sunday traffic back to San Diego.

Off to find some tea and head to the show grounds…



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Yeah Lindsey!!

And thank you Shannon Peters!!! (Shannon has a coaching shadow this weekend as she works her way through her FEI riders…me <3…continuing dressage coaching education. Yeah!!!!)

And yeah Lindsey Stroh!! A stellar ride on a bit of saggy Lance (He’s a bit of a diesel burner in this heat). Good riding girl!!! That definitely was your workout for the day!!

Lance GP2


Lance GP4

Lance GP6

And finally, a well earned shower... <3

And finally, a well earned shower… ❤

Today the Grand Prix classes CDI are the freestyles. CDI rules are that you can only enter two tests, the Grand Prix and either the Freestyle or the Grand Prix Special. We have opted for the Grand Prix Special at this CDI and it is scheduled tomorrow. So today Lance will have a light school in the morning, when it’s cooler and a hand walk later in the day.

Tomorrow’s Grand Prix Special will be in the morning so that will definitely be easier on Lance, weather wise.

A big congrats to Emma Weinert O’Rourke and Zindans…first place ribbon (74%) in the PSG. Another big congrats to Ehren Volk on her first place ribbon on Magic in Young Riders!! Wonderful rides!! Congrats coach Shannon!!! Well done team!!

Ivars got a good ride in on his bike on Griffon Park hills and will be back in the saddle this morning.

Off to find some tea…



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Thank you Emma!!!

Emma (Emma Weinert O’Rourke) was in the driver’s seat with the horse trailer to Burbank yesterday. Thank you Emma!!! She had her 2 lovely FEI horses (Velvet and Zindan) and Lance on board. Ivars and I drove in my truck with as much hay as Eddie (Eduardo Garcia, Steffen’s groom and the best groom in the country!!!) could jam into the box. Yeah one ton truck!!!

Emma, unloading in Burbank.

Thank you Emma!!!

The trip north from Del Mar to Burbank was brutal.  It’s about 180 km and takes normally about 2 1/2 hrs. We were on the road for 3 1/2 hours. Lots of stop and go on the freeway and lots of just stop.

Ivars and I first stopped at Pannikin before getting on the freeway (great tea, great coffee and most importantly…great gluten free muffins to take to the show for the weekend!!!). As we could travel in the HOV lane on the I 5, we caught up and passed the Emma, Lindsey and the horses.

Pannikin, yummmm

Pannikin, yummmm

Hay and horses, headed to Burbank...

Hay and horses, headed to Burbank…

Emma Weinert O’Rourke and Lindsey Stroh, two wonderful Grand Prix riders, both Shannon Peters’ students, one Canadian, one Australian, travelling together, hauling their precious Grand Prix horses to a show in California…priceless. Talent, knowledge and horses all in one rig. ❤

So everyone travelled well and settled comfortably into the show grounds.

Lance and Lindsey’s lesson, that afternoon, with Shannon was super.

Today is show day. Lance and Lindsey’s Grand Prix ride time is at 11:56. Emma and Velvet’s are at 11:38.

Off to make a cup of tea (and a gluten free Pannikin muffin!!!) and then head to the show grounds…


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The Weekend Plans…

First…a big congrats to Steffen and Rosie. They won the CDI3* in Florida yesterday. This was Rosie’s second go ever at the Grand Prix and her first Grand Prix CDI!  Congrats, congrats, congrats Steffen, Dawn and Tracy! A big show and great results. Go Team Peters!!

While back in California…Lance’s stall and the tack stall at Show Park is ready. We’ll pick up the horses this morning and get them to the show grounds. Lance has the first lesson with Shannon at Show Park, just before lunch.

The girls, catching up and walking the mares...

The girls, catching up and walking the mares…

It’s a big weekend around here…national level show at Show Park and Karl Milkolka is here at Arroyo for 2 days to instruct Shannon. We’ll be at Arroyo in the mornings for Shannon’s rides and then back to Show Park for Lance’s rides.

This is going to be an amazing weekend; chock full of theory, chock full of concepts and chock full of all of that applied in the show ring!! Wow. We’re going to need a good night’s sleep tonight!!!

Off into the dense fog to hitch the trailer…lights on!!!


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