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8 Things Core Mechanics Workshops are…

8 Things CORE Mechanics for Riders Workshops are… 

  1. a 2 day mat/saddle work workshop
  2. Pilates/Yoga/Somatics based
  3. NOT riding lessons
  4. CORE weekends are a way to explore riding concepts on the mat and then take those skills and awarenesses to the saddle
  5. We explore the function of the rider’s core and how best to stabilize it on a moving object. The more stable your core is while riding, the more independent your aids can function.
  6. The movement patterns we work with are not physically difficult. The difficulty is in the body awareness in the movement patterns and then keeping the same mindfulness while applying it in the saddle. Brain/body work!!!
  7. You will explore exercises on the mat that you will be able to incorporate into your regular workout regime when you return home.
  8. CORE workshops are based at Flying Colours Stables but the format is very mobile. All you’ll need is 6 riders, their horses and yoga mats!

Contact Lindsey or Vickie to check on availability of rider spots in workshops at Flying Colours or to arrange for a CORE workshop at your stable. (CORE Concepts workshops are for first time participants; CORE Explorations workshops are for returning CORE riders)

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Well, that was interesting…

After 18 months of very interesting, sometimes quite challenging but really oh so satisfying, we now have our certificates.

Yoga Certificate

But most importantly for me, it has led me to Somatics, Somatic Yoga. Slow, subtle exercises designed to improve brain/body connection, to relax and lengthen tight areas in the body, to align the spine, to improve posture creating a more functional, balanced body in motion.

Somatic Yoga, Wednesday mornings 10:30 at Refresh Wellness.

And “in motion” is the thing that got me. Now to add Somatics to our Core Mechanics Workshops…this is going to be grand!

Next Core Workshop weekend is July 16/17. Core Mechanic Concepts. Contact me or Lindsey for details.

Horses all turned out, off to find my yoga mat and Somatics…


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Core Mechanics for Yogis???


This weekend will be short Core Mechanics workshop on awareness and strengthening the core for yoga practitioners.

I know, yoga is for bendy people right?  Wrong!!! Yoga is for everyone and for yoga to be safe…core awareness and core recruitment in the poses is a good idea.

So Core Mechanics for Yogis?  Yes, yes, yes.

Strengthing my core apple

Workshop handouts done…off to fit in a workout on this beautiful sunny afternoon!!!


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Workshop spot opened up….

Core Logo


We have a Core Mechanics Explorations workshop slotted in for  next weekend (June 20/21). One spot in the clinic has opened up so…if you have taken the Core Mechanics Concepts workshop and are waiting for a spot in Explorations…next weekend at FCS is the weekend!!!

The next Core Mechanics Concepts is July 11/12 and there are today, 2 spots open.

Contact me or Lindsey for details!!

Off to ride a couple of ponies… 🙂 ❤ ❤


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Core Mechanics Concepts!!!

Core Mechanics Concepts…learning about more effective breathing patterns, neutral pelvis and spinal alignment, TAs…where are they and why are they so important and figuring out the difference between hinge and roll. And each afternoon…applying these concepts and awarenessess in the saddle.

This weekend’s Concepts Workshop action shots…

Day One

After mat work, we changed into boots and breeches and were in the arena to try out some new muscle awareness and movement concepts.

Day Two

Day two mat work is individual mat work. From our observations both on the mat and in the saddle from day one, we emphasize concepts on the mat specific to each rider.

And then once again, we take it to the saddle…



We had a super weekend! Lotsa learning, lotsa laughs, and of course happy horses.

Next Core Mechanics Workshops at Flying Colours, are June 20/21 Explorations (wait listed) and then July 11/12 (some spots open). We will have August dates later this week.

Off to Pilates and then to the stable… 🙂 ❤



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Core Mechanics for Riders Concepts Weekend

This weekend is Core Mechanics weekend!!! June 6/7

We are so looking forward to Core Mechanics Concepts. Concepts weekends are so interesting as we introduce Core Mechanics to riders for their first time. It’s a time of discovery, exploration and understanding. So much fun!


Core Mechanics for Riders

Self-carriage is not just a horse issue!

Core Mechanics Workshops are about exploring dynamic stability for the rider and then applying the concepts to work in the saddle.  A fully stable rider is better able to effectively influence the horse as they move together both horizontally and vertically.

Core Mechanics weekends will improve your riding technique by introducing exercises to improve body awareness and connection, general suppleness, better balance, and overall strength.

An aware, supple, balanced rider can better influence and create these same qualities in the horse.

This 2 day workshop will teach you to work on the mat with exercises carefully selected for riders.  We will work both days is on the mat and in the saddle.

Day One – Building Body Awareness and Control


  • Group Core Mechanics mat class in the morning; introduce general principles and specific riding focused exercises
  • Demo in arena, mounted, of body control in the saddle (left/right, front/back, in motion) (Lindsey and Lance)
  • Apply Core Mechanics awareness learned in the morning on the mat to the saddle (individual riding sessions with Lindsey and Vickie)

Day Two – Building Body Awareness, Control, Strength and Endurance


  • Semi private Core Mechanics mat work in the morning (exercises will be specific to each rider)
  • Apply Core Mechanics awareness learned in the morning to the saddle (another individual riding session with Lindsey and Vickie)

The posture we have while off our horses is mirrored while riding.  Core Mechanics will help create a strong, aligned body that will enhance your riding effectiveness.

Happy riding, happy horses.



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Core Mechanics for Riders Workshops weekends…

We’ve worked out the first dates of the Core Mechanics workshops. It’s going to be a busy spring!!

Core Mechanics Workshop – Concepts

  • May 30/31 – Calgary (contact Deanna Cullen for more info)

Core Mechanics Workshop – Concepts

  • June 6/7 – Flying Colours

Core Mechanics Workshop – Explorations

  • June 20/21 – Flying Colours

We offer Core Mechanics Workshops weekends at three levels; Concepts, Explorations and Applications.

  • Concepts – an introduction to riding concepts on the mat and then applying those concepts in the saddle. Concepts weekends are are for riders who are working with us at Core Mechanics for the first time.
  • Explorations – a more complex level of mat work and how to apply it in the saddle. Exploration weekends are for returning Core Mechanics riders who want a deeper understanding of the work.
  • Applications – a very personalized level of mat work applied to in the saddle work. A personalized fitness program for your riding. Working with balance, flexibility and importantly strength issues for each rider.

These workshops are all most full but we will be scheduling more throughout the summer.

If you would like to schedule a Core Mechanics Workshop weekend at your stable, contact Vickie or Lindsey at flngclrs@incentre.net

Off to find my mat!!!


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