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Schooling in the big ring…

This ring is the CDI ring Yesterday with Lindsey and Lance schooling. It’ll be packed to the rafters and loud Saturday night for the Freestyle class. Our last class, our last show in CA and it’s going to be a great time!


We are in the heavy lifting time slot right now of packing up the house and the horses for the long trip home. We all head back this weekend after the show. All our horses should be in their stalls at home at Flying Colours early next week.

Today is early schooling rides at the show grounds for Lance and William then back to Arroyo to Fred, DiMaggio and Sardonyx. The jog is at 3 this afternoon for Lance.

Tomorrow William’s class (Inter 1) is at 2:02 and Lance’s Grand Prix class starts at 3. (We won’t know Lance’s ride time for the Grand Prix till after the jog today.)

Off to pack something!!!




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It was a wonderful day!!

Congrats to Wendy Christoff and her wonderful day yesterday!  She won the Grand Prix class and the Prix St George as well.  Congrats Wendy!!!!

Lance and Linds??…66.5% and second place in the CDI Grand Prix!!!  I am sooo proud of them both!!

Comtect off, warm up done, on to the show ring!

Comtect off, warm up done, on to the show ring!

A beautiful, sunny day for a horse show.  Even DrewDrew thought Auntie Lindsey was great!! (It's hard to impress 2yr olds!!)

A beautiful, sunny day for a horse show. Even DrewDrew thought Auntie Lindsey was great!! (It’s hard to impress 2yr olds!!)



Congrats Linds and Lance!!

So today is Lance’s Freestyle!  It’s a great freestyle and this’ll be the first time for Lance and Linds to use it in a competition.

Off to feed my horses!! Gonna be a great freestyle day!!!


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Live Streaming Del Mar National?

The Grand Prix  (Friday, 3pm), Grand Prix Freestyle (Saturday, 7:45pm) and the Young Rider’s Grand Prix (Sunday, 1pm) will be live streamed.  The  link to the live stream is  from the USEF site.


Lance and Lindsey will be in the Grand Prix and Friday.  Most of the Grand Prix class will be competing in the freestyle on Saturday night.  We decided to take a miss at the Freestyle class this show and opted for the Grand Prix Special class instead.  (the Grand Prix horses have the option of two classes for each show; GP/GPS or GP/Freestyle).

The CDI jog is Thursday (3pm) and the draw for ride times for the Grand Prix on Friday is after the jog.

Del Mar Fairgrounds

Today is lessons with Shannon and then a stop at the show grounds at the end of the day to set up Lance and William’s stalls.  We’ll take the boys over tomorrow morning.

Off the stable…the kids arrive today!!!!


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From 65% to 75%…

We are going for it!!!

Yesterday was another schooling day of the Grand Prix test for Lindsey and Lance.

We’ve upped the depth of learning, we’ve upped the intensity of the work and we’ve upped the speed of execution of everything and it’s haaaaard.  This is not for sissies.  This is hard and satisfying and wonderful and and beautiful!!

We have 3 weeks before the CDI and we are going for it!!


Lindsey will be home this weekend and will get a well deserved “day off” of travelling today.  The horses will get the weekend off and be ready to get back to work on Monday afternoon when Linds gets back to San Diego.

Have fun Linds and enjoy your “day off” day today!!  Your weekend is jammed packed with lessons and your students are eager to have you back !!!

Off to get Lindsey to the Westjet check in gate…



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I couldn’t be prouder…

The art of dressage

…of Lindsey Stroh and of Lancelot.

We just finished Regional Finals for western Canada this weekend and I am ecstatic about both rides. 

Both Lindsey and Lance  worked as hard as they could moment to moment; half halt to half halt. 

To those reading this that are athletes; to be able to sustain an all out effort both physically and mentally in competition is the ultimate goal.  To leave nothing “on the field” and give it your very best is the most any athlete can do and any coach can expect.  As always, Lindsey gave it her all and left nothing in the warm up ring.

Now add a 1400lb animal with thoughts and ideas of his own to the mix.  We train daily to develop the skills and physical ability of our horses but one of the most important things we train for is to develop their minds for the work.  We train Lance to act as part of a team so when Lindsey tells him “the tough must get going” he is mentally able to respond and “get going”! 

Now add to the weekend the difficulty of this level of work.  Grand Prix work is a big milestone to a dressage horse and rider.  To be able to put this all together the way Lindsey and Lance did this weekend at the Grand Prix level is so amazingly wonderful!!  

The comments from the judge at C from the Grand Prix Special pretty much sums up where we are right now…

“What a super team!  This is a lovely horse.  When he develops stronger engagement for the ability of self carriage, we will see much higher scores”

We are hitting the right training markers for this fall; getting ready for the CDIs in California this winter. 

Lance, Grand Prix Special

Lance, Grand Prix Special

Lance and Lindsey

Lance and Lindsey

Thanks Paula Meehan for the lovely photos!!!

So…Alberta show season over, California show season ahead. 

Do your Best 3

It’s all about striving for excellence, dotting the “i”s and crossing the “t”s and doing it everyday, everyday, everyday.  Management and planning.

Off to feed my very special horses…


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Amazing couple of days…

We’ve amped up the work and are into the pre season for California’s upcoming CDIs.

Here’s what our show season will look like,

January 14-16, 2011 Thermal
January 29 – 30, 2011 LA
February 11 – 13, 2011 Thermal
February 25- 27, 2011 LA (CDI)
March 10-13, 2011 Del Mar (CDI)
March 31 – April 3, 2011 LA (CDI)
April 28 – May 1, 2011 Del Mar (CDI)

The horses leave for Del Mar January 4 so the first Thermal show will be too early for them.  They need some time to recover from the long drive south (44+ hours from home to Arroyo Del Mar).  So the plan is to start with the LA show.  The schedule gives us 2 National Level shows before the 4 CDIs.

Lance, our 10 year old Danish gelding,  is looking like he’d like to give GP a go this year.  His ones were great today, a full line with only one mistake.  The 3 Ps (pirouettes, piaffe and passage) are looking quite good.  He’s not quite sure he’s all that ecstatic about the added extra effort required to be an official GP horse just yet.  His fitness level is coming along and he should be ready by January.

Fred, Lindsay’s 8 year old Oldenburg mare, is headed for PSG/Inter One this year.  The work is coming along beautifully.  The line of 2 tempis is the skill we need to emphasize this month, everything else is falling into place quite well.  She is growing up to be such a lovely, elegant mare.

William, our 6 year old Hannoverian stallion, should also be ready for PSG/Inter One.  Being the baby of the group, he needs time to adapt to the intensity of FEI work.  The work is basically quite easy for him.  The learning for William is that we expect much more quality stride for stride, movement to movement and day to day.  He’s a smart boy and will figure life out quickly.

Before we put them on the truck to head south, we’ll plan a couple of dress rehearsal test days.  This year will be a big year for all three horses as they are all going to be coming down centreline one level ahead of last year.  We have had a great fall and the next couple of months are going to be sooo exciting…putting together all our fall homework in test form.  And, oh yeah, we need  3 freestyles…

Headed to the hot tub and a chilled glass of wine…


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Vet inspection and jog today.

Our Albertan trucks at Arroyo Del Mar.

I’ve driven many places, driving many vehicles…large motorcoach, small Bimmer and several sizes of horse trailers.  The drive yesterday from Del Mar to Burbank was a white knuckled 3 hours!  Bumper to bumper traffic for the most part and knowing that 99% of the drivers are totally oblivious to sharing the road with any sort of “farm vehicle”.  I was so glad to park our rig and unload the 3 horses!

We started the day very early and had 2 lessons with Shannon at Arroyo before heading out.  They all loaded well and we were on the road at 9am.  They travelled great and we unloaded (read…wrestled the tack box into the tack stall!!!) and met all our fellow Canadians in the CDI barn.  All the Canadians are stabled in one barn and with all the fervor in Vancouver, there are a lot of maple leaf flags and assorted Olympic Canadiana everywhere!  Almost feels homey!!!

The virus has settled down in the stable at home and everyone will be back at work next week.  Thanks Dr. Herbers!

Today the vet inspection starts at 10am and the jog is at 3pm.  We’ll ride everyone and add spit and polish to all the show tack.  Fred and William have early ride times on Friday am and then the CDI PSG will start at 9:30.  As the ride times for the PSG are determined by draw, we’ll have Lance’s ride time after the jog today.  The weather forecast is great for today so we’ll enjoy every minute of it!!! (they are calling for monsoons again for Saturday…ugh!!!)

Off to the show grounds…


William getting ready for LA show.

Lance, ready Burbank CDI.

Kim and I found a dry spot in the old "jumper ring" for a lesson. The girls had fun on the bank!

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