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Stretching doesn’t work…

But in order to be the best (rider, cyclist, runner, gardener, fitness enthusiast or all round active, healthy, happy, human) the body should be able to relax and lengthen tight areas regularly.

cat pandiculation

To be able to counter act the body’s Stretch Reflex, learning about somatic movement helps you retrain your brain to access tight areas and then learn how to length and relax them.

Somatic shoulder

The Stretch Reflex is a wonderful reflex (it enables the body to stand erect) but it sure gets in the way if we need to length a tight hamstring, hip, shoulder etc.

red light green light

Everything we do in life is reflected in a reflex in the body. Our bodies can become habituated to these effects causing  tight and painful areas. Stretching does not work!!! Pulling on a muscle causes the wonderful Stretch Reflex to activate and thus area reflexively tightens against the pull. Hanna Somatics Education is all about the brain, not the reflex being involved with the release of tight areas.

hanna somatics

Somatic Movement Education is where it’s at!!!

Somatic Movement class at Flying Colours tomorrow!

Off to hit my mat and start my day with Somatic Movement…


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