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This sport of ours…ugh…

An educated mind

I know being an FEI judge is a tough gig…I don’t want it. But if you do take it on…being fair is important; being honest and in the moment is important and having the intelligence being able to evaluate complex movements on a graduated scale is vitally important. Changing your judge’s hat to a trainers and using a judge’s booth as a training tool is not important at this level.

Yesterday Lindsey rode her personal best and she and Lance were stellar. She had mistakes in the ones (very uncharacteristic for Lance!) and the marks reflected those mistakes. But the range of final scores from 58% to 65% made me step back.

My horse has a short neck and at times in that test, a shortened neck (they all do at times, check the best tests out). But to try and make a training point to us from the judge’s booth about a having short neck and needing better training, nope…not gonna fly…

lance GPS3

Lindsey and Lancelot, Grand Prix Special, Sunday

Congrats Lindsey on the bestest test yet! ❤

And a great big CONGRATS to Wendy Christoff and Treffer on their third place ribbon in this class…good riding girl!!!

We’re back in Alberta today (I think the mountains are calling…).

I need more tea…


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