Yesterday was jog day…

The drive to LA was again brutal…3 1/2 hours even though we left at 5am. The early morning made it cool and comfortable for Lance and Magic in the trailer though 🙂 . I am so glad we only have do this twice this year!!

Yesterday’s schedule started with the in barn vet inspection soon after we arrived, then a short training ride with Shannon and finally a bath and braiding Lance for the jog…

Face washing...ugh

Face washing…ugh


Ok, ok, face washed!!!!

Ok, ok, face washed!!!!


Jog done!!!

Jog done!

Today is the Grand Prix starting at 2:03. Lindsey and Lance’s ride time is 2:48. California Dreaming Productions is again Live Streaming the CDI. Go to the web site (, click on CDP Live and follow the links to buy a pass for the day or the weekend. It’s very inexpensive (cheap, cheap, cheap) and supports a very good service at these winter CDIs. Join Axel Steiner and listen in on the very educational judge’s commentary of each ride. It’ll be the best 10 bucks you spend all day!!

Off to put a short training ride on Lance this morning before it gets too sunny and hot…


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