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Sun dogs on the horizon yesterday!

As the sun set yesterday, sun dogs (parhelia) or mock suns on either side of the setting sun appeared. We’ve seen them in the north, (they appear as the sun is close to the horizon) lots in the Arctic, but we’ve never seen them here. Let me know if you’d like a copy of Ivars photo! It’s now the new wallpaper on my phone!! 🙂


Sun dog

Sun dog 2

Taken from the truck, along the coast hwy…

We had a great day yesterday. Lance and Lindsey ran through the Grand Prix with Shannon, polishing up for the weekend. It was Fred’s last day on meds and her blood work came back all negative…yeah!  William is still coughing a bit but looks bright and happy. Yeah, yeah. And the best news, is the other 3 are all hale and hearty!!! Triple yeah!

Merle and Gezz in the covered arena yesterday. Great job!

Merle and Gezz with Lindsey, in the covered arena yesterday. Great job!

Ivars did the Torrey Pines hill…twice (I still don’t understand the appeal) and had a great day as well!

Today is walk day for Lance, a good groom on Fred, more meds for William and Samara, Sardonyx and Gezz have a regular ride day. Then we’ll pack up the trailer to ready for our very early get away to LA tomorrow morning.

Off to find my yoga mat…a busy day ahead!


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