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We’re off to the Oscars…

Well, not exactly “off to the Oscars”. We’re off to Mid Winter Dressage CDI in Burbank this week. So as close to “off to the Oscars” that I’ll ever want to be!! I’m not up to speed on celebrities. Kung Fu Panda, the Avengers and Steve from Minecraft…well those guys I would definitely ask for autographs!!!

Leaving from Calgary...yeah Westjet!

Leaving from Calgary…yeah Westjet!

The jog is on Thursday so our plan is to be on the freeway at Thursday at 5am and head to Burbank. A 5am start from Arroyo is to try to avoid some of the ucky, ucky traffic in LA. It’ll be cooler in the trailer at that time as well.

Fred and William now have whatever the bug was that affected Lance last week. They are both on antibiotics and rest. The rest part is difficult because, especially Fred, neither of them have that “I’m very sick” appearance that Lance was wearing so well. But they have a bit of a cough and high temps so rest it is this week. Chino is going to have his hands full this weekend with both of them!!! Fingers crossed Gezz, Sardonyx, and Samara stay healthy!

So today is lesson day on Lance with Shannon and regular work for Samara, Sardonyx and Gezz. Ivars will be out on his bike, eating up the hills around Del Mar and loving the sunny weather.

The walk from the airport to the train...wonderful!

The walk from the airport to the train along the harbour front…wonderful!

So off to Arroyo and my ponies…I’m in my southern happy place!!!


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