This face…

This face…


The guy that wears this face decided last weekend; while Lindsey was away, while I was still in Alberta and while Shannon was also uncharacteristicly not at Arroyo; that somehow we had abandoned him. He became dehydrated, lethargic and lost all the shiny bloom from his coat. Sigh…my very sensitive Grand Prix horse, Lance.

So this week the vet has been out to see him several times. He has been IV hydrated, poked and poked for blood work and stared at for hours and hours and hours by a lot of anxious people.

He is now back to feeling better but the show at Del Mar Show Park this weekend is off his schedule.

So we’ll keep the plan for the CDI in Burbank next week and miss the schooling we had planned this weekend.

On the other hand, at Flying Colours (Alberta)…the weather has been fabulous. We even got some snow this week. Everything now is storybook pretty; trees and houses and fences, all piled with fluffy white drifts. 🙂

I’m off to Yoga Teacher Training for the weekend…ohmmmmm


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