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Watching Steffen Peters…Dressage Master Class

One of the advantages of entering the Open show (and not the CDI) at the LA Winter Dressage was that we got to watch Steffen school and ride Rosie and Legolas.

Priceless; absolutely, jaw dropping priceless. The skill, feel and depth of knowledge required to produce the work he does on both horses totally reinforced the commitment to the decision we have made to train here with Team Peters in the past, for today and for the future.

The future for our sport lies in the commitment to this kind of kind, empathetic, very skilled training and riding. There are other trainers and riders riding with these tenants and we should search them out, find them and follow their lead. The future of our sport depends on it. For us, Steffen and Shannon Peters embodies exactly the road we would like to follow for our future and the future for sport of dressage.

Now some moments from the background of the LA Winter Dressage show…Ivars got a new camera and here are some of the shots he took while learning all the buttons (Good thing Aleks is visiting this weekend and can give her dad some of the short cuts on the Nikon!!)

Competitors and good friends. Emma and Lindsey

Competitors and good friends. Emma and Lindsey

Emma and Zidane...good boy Beastie!

Emma and Zidane…good boy Beastie!

Lance and Linds, warming up for the GPS.

Lance and Linds, warming up for the GPS.

Lance and Linds, GPS yesterday.

Lance and Linds, GPS yesterday.

"Do you have peppermints in that camera?!!!!"

“Do you have any peppermints in that camera?!!!!”

Today is raining and we are home at the condo. Yeah! Aleks and Neil and the dogs are visiting from Phoenix. We’ll get a couple of hours to visit before they need to head back this morning.

It’s a fireplace, sports on the tv kinda day…


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