They survived the torrents and torrents of rain…

Everyone at Arroyo has survived the rain power of El Nino…yeah. The footing Shannon and Steffen installed in the dressage court made training possible after the deluge. El Nino years in California are wet (we were there for the last one…whew) so it is wise to have a plan..What is needed to train in rainy conditions? Thanks to Team Peters and their well thought out planning, we lost very few days of training and we’re back in the saddle pronto pronto.

Our first show is in Burbank in 2 weeks. I just got the confirmation on our entries and they will have two sets of times for the rides…one if it rains and one if it stays dry. What a logistical nightmare for organizers! Basically working out two shows and running the one the weather dictates. We’re very glad they have an alternate plan though!!! 🙂 Wet, soggy footing is a no go for a show without an alternate plan.

Here in Alberta the weather has been wonderful! Bright sunny skies and warm winter weather!!!

So Ivars and I played hookie from work yesterday and headed to the mountains to ski. -3C and sunny…downright almost perfect skiing weather. We thought we’d try and ski at Nakiska. The runs there are big and open and good for practising new techniques. We had a super great time and skied our legs off and then drove home. 🙂  (Other than the race camp kids, we probably were the youngsters there! It has such a lovely open runs it entices many retirees from Calgary. That’s my kinda retire!!!)  Nobody missed us and we had fun! We’ll be doing that again….

Nakiska 1

Last run of the day…


The drive home from Nakiska yesterday

The drive home from Nakiska yesterday.


This never gets old...Alberta...

This never gets old…Alberta…

So today is a busy catch up day… 🙂 off to the stable. ❤


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