Landed, Docked and Stowed at Arroyo!!!

And I slept last night…finally!!!

All six horses had great night in Idaho Falls. They ate, drank and slept and were ready for the next leg of journey yesterday…the tough one.

After a very long day (18+ hours), all 6 horses are now safely tucked into their stalls at Arroyo Del Mar. Whew!


The drive south (Edmonton/San Diego) is very doable but the logistics of three days on the road with 6 sensitive, highly tuned, equine athletes requires a lot of preparation and respect for the travel process. And I am always so thankful, grateful and relieved when it’s done!!!!

The drivers (and navigators  ) along with the horses, will now get several days to recover from the long trip. The humans will be on their bike (Peter), find the gym (and hopefully a massage) (Lindsey) and enjoy long walks on the beach (Merle and Iris). The horses will also be enjoying long walks at Arroyo, naps in the afternoon and lots of TLC from everyone.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Everyone safe and happy in San Diego!!

I’m going skiing…


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