The Lists…oh the lists…

The lists that make it able for us to get out of here on time, with ease and without leaving anyone behind are basically endless…

So one of the lists includes my truck. New tires, all fluids/ inspections /TLC that the dealer can perform and a thorough cleaning…it’s tip top ready to go.


Peter and Lindsey called last night, 6 hours into the first leg of the trip. “The truck is making a whining (intermittent) sound. All the gauges are reading fine but when we get over 110 kms/hr, it whines. Have you ever heard this before?”.  Ivars and I are now scratching our heads trying to figure out what could be wrong. My advice is to keep going and at the next fill up we’ll take a closer look at things.

Peter and Lindsey call again, 1/2 hr later…laughing.  Whew…good sign I think.  “We found the source of the sound. It’s the antenna!” The whining, intermittent sound is coming from the external antenna on the truck vibrating while coated with a thick layer of ice. The ice build up on the antenna is due to driving in heavy fog in very cold winter conditions. Ahhhh…winter.

So first leg now done.

Next stop is the US/CAN border crossing, an appointment with the Federal Vet and then on to Idaho Falls for the night. Today they will be travelling all the passes to get over the Rockies in Montana. They’ll do this in the warmest time of the day so the roads will be the least treacherous…that’s the plan! (That’s on Peter’s list…)

Off to refill my tea cup..



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