Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan…

And they’re off…(or will be later today!!!)

Just about everything has been checked off the list for the trip  south to Arroyo Del Mar in San Diego. We’ll finish the last of the details today and then both trailers are headed south down the highway.

It’s been a exciting time this year as Flying Colours has expanded to enable us to take client horses and clients to Arroyo. Gezz, Samara and Sardonyx, along with their owners Merle, Jayne and Iris will be at Arroyo this winter to train with Lindsey and to take in all the learning that goes on every day at Arroyo Del Mar. It’s going to be a very amazing winter for all of us!

So back to the details of getting on the road today…

Dan (Dan Sullivan…amazing farrier extraordinaire) was here to touch all their feet up yesterday (they are all barefoot).

Kirsten (our resident extraordinaire acupuncturist) was here to check on my work and give us notes for follow up in San Diego (Merle was taking the notes!!!)

Maria (Maria McDowell, Muscle Matters…equine therapist extraoridinaire) will be here today to get them comfortable for the ride.

And as always my super amazing (I really don’t know how he does it…) husband Ivars packed the trailer with amazing ability to neatly arrange and fit in everything we need for all the horses for 4 months and left space to get in and out of the tack room safely for travel items needed on the trek.

And he (most importantly!!!!) left room for his bike and Peter’s bike to travel safely and arrive without a scratch for a winter’s worth of riding the hills around San Diego.

Off to tick off more items on the “last day before travel” list…

What are you willing to give up



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