Can a Grand Prix horse compete in smoky air?

Yesterday Calgary’s air index reached it’s worst level since the smoke from Washington’s forest fires had started drifting over the city. The city’s score on the Air Quality Health index was 11. High risk levels start at 7. Everyone was advised to reduce or reschedule outdoor activities especially if there was any throat irritation or coughing.

smoke in Calgary

So with Lance in the trailer, I headed to Calgary hoping that the smoke level would lessen as the day progressed…nope. It didn’t. An hour south of home and I noticed my breathing was affected. So after talking to Ivars and Lindsey about high intensity work in a smoke environment, the forecast of wind direction to dissipate the smoke and the level of smoke at Anderson’s that hour…I made the decision to turn around and take Lance home.

Grand Prix horses should not compete in high risk smoky air.

We are all very sad that we are home. CAADA does such a great job in putting on an amazing show and we would love to be there!!

The smoke is much less here at home so home we are…



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2 responses to “Can a Grand Prix horse compete in smoky air?

  1. The smoke is horrible. We live in Colorado and the smoke has blocked our view from the mountain. Everyone is constantly coughing, even the horses. Can’t wait for it to be done with

  2. Good that you turned around and took your horse home 🙂 although I can imagine the disappointment! Best regards, Merel

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