Shannon Peters Clinic Auditors

Thank you to all auditors that have registered this week. It makes planning a bit easier knowing the numbers involved. 🙂 There is some space available each day to audit (especially Sunday…Ha!…Sunday is for hard core dressage enthusiasts as we start at 6am!). $25/day.

Shannon 2

Auditors…you will need…

  • a chair (we have chairs but you may want your special “sit all day” and relax lawn chair) and by the numbers, chairs may be short supply. So if you can bring a chair along that would be great!
  • something warm to sit on and to wear…the indoor arena is blessedly cool to ride in on the hottest days but a bit chilly while sitting.
  • your favourite mug
  • lunch? There is no lunch break. The coffee pot will be on (Keurig) and the tea kettle is plugged in. So bring something to munch on if lunch is your favourite meal of the day and munch away!!…we want you happy!!!

If you need directions to the stable, let me know.

If you get lost trying to find the stable, call me. 780.361.7062

See you Saturday…



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