Shannon Peters Clinic July 25/26

We are being very busy and getting things ready for the clinic this weekend with Shannon!

Here are the details…


  • Shannon will be at Flying Colours about 3pm on Friday. She will be working with Lindsey and I and our 3 horses. These training sessions are open to clinic riders.
  • Clinic horse/riders arrive at FCS.


  • We start at 10am.
  • Saturday’s lessons tend to go over time so the schedule is not often accurate.
  • There is no lunch break.


  • Sunday is a 6am start.
  • To make it a bit easier on the riders from out of town, we have scheduled our 3 horses back to back starting at 6. (Sharon’s 8:30 ride may be a bit earlier as Fred and William may have shorter lessons depending on how much gas is left in their tanks)

Please ask permission of individual riders re video or any sound recording.

Shannon teaches with a mike. She will be wirelessly connected to the riders’ headsets. She will also be miked to the arena speakers for auditors.

Auditors, $25/day. Can register by contacting me (Facebook, email or text).

I’ll post a short bio on the horses and riders as they come into me.

If you need directions to the farm, let me know. (We are 6kms north of the Wetaskiwin Hospital, on Hwy 814, on the west side of the highway. 472010 Hwy 814)

If you have any questions, let me know!!

Ride Schedule Shannon Peters Clinic


  • 10          Freddie
  • 10:45    Sharon
  • 11:30    Lance
  • 12:15    Cheryl
  • 1:00      William
  • 1:45      Colleen
  • 2:30      Chelsea


  • 6:15     Freddie
  • 7:00     William
  • 7:45     Lance
  • 8:30     Sharon
  • 9:15     Chelsea
  • 10        Colleen
  • 10:45   Cheryl

Can’t think of anything else…off to the next job!!!



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