Shannon Peters Clinic next weekend!!!

I’m sitting here with my second cup of tea for the morning (it’s raining out!!!!!! 🙂  ❤ which means a “no turnout morning”…a first for this summer at Flying Colours!!!) and feeling so grateful for the moisture. The farm is getting greener by the minute. Ahhhh…..

So as my pastures green up this morning I thought I’d put together some thoughts on Shannon’s clinic this weekend.

Saddle and Shannon

Yeah! Yeah!! (insert jumping up and down icon here 🙂 !!!) Shannon has been our coach for over 6 years. Everyone needs a coach…everyone…and we are very, very pleased that Shannon Peters is our coach. She has a level of expertise for dressage work, from young horse to Grand Prix, that has depth, complexity and experience. She is the real deal.

The clinic this weekend horse line up Shannon will be working with our 3 (Lance, William, and Fred) and 4 of the top horses and trainers from Alberta. (I’ll have the schedule out early next week.)

Saturday will be a full day of work, starting at 10am finishing about 4:30.

Sunday will be a very, very early start as Shannon’s flight leaves early in the afternoon.

Auditor spots are $25/day.

Call or email to reserve a spot…780.361.7062 or

Off to have a small walk in the rain…ahhhh, again….


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