What is sport with no spectators???…

It’s dressage at the Pan Ams….very few spectators in the stands (the tickets were “sold out” months ago) and no, not a, not ANY video coverage!!! No live streaming, no CBC cameras and threats of “banning you forever” should you be caught videoing any event from the stands.

Come on…this is an international event. An international event that held winning a team berth to Rio tagged to a gold medal and no live coverage???!!

And the Canadian team was stellar!!! Silver Medal.  “They gave us a run for the money!!” from the Gold Medal US Team. This was a competition!!!

dressage silver pan am

Canadian Silver Medal Team Pan Am 2015 Yeah Canada!!! ❤

And the we the spectators, supporters, the cheerleading squads were unable to participate in the day. We cheered after the fact. We cheered loudly but late.

So few spectators attending and so many spectators wanting to watch and no viewing opportunities.

Poor form Pan Am organizing people.

This would have been a excellent opportunity to showcase, promote and to educate about our sport. Missed.

Yeah Canadian Dressage!!! You guys did great and we’re proud!!!

Go get the Freestyles today…we’ll be thinking of you…wish we could watch…



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One response to “What is sport with no spectators???…

  1. MJ

    So sad!!😡

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