“Let’s go fly fishing,” he said.

“It’ll be fun,” he said.

So Ivars and I packed up the 5th wheel and headed to the mountains.



Enjoying a sunset in the mountains

Enjoying a sunset in the mountains


This was the view of the North Ram River from the slide out on the 5th wheel. The access to the river is off a gravel road off the gravel Forestry Trunk Road. Remote…no cell service…just us 2 other campers and cows…lotsa cows and calves and 2 bulls. We woke the next day to sounds of munch, munch, munch as they all grazed around the rv.

“So here’s the plan”, he said. “We hike down this trail that goes downstream along the river for about an hour and then fish back upstream for about 2 hours”. That sounds like a great plan. I love hiking. It’s a beautiful day. And the fishing part is just more hiking in a beautiful river. Lovely.

6 1/2 hours later…well that was some hike!!!! We did catch lots of fish (I know they were trout of some kind…cutthroat?). Ivars had lots and lots of fun and I really enjoyed the hike!

A bit of casting on our hike!

A bit of casting on our hike!

The next morning we awoke to a grey, cold rainy day. We then decided we’d had enough fun for this weekend. 🙂  So after breakfast we packed up and headed home. Getting the 5th wheel out of it’s overnight spot took some tricky manoeuvring, but Ivars got it done. We said goodbye to the cows and the trout and spent the drive home from the mountains planning our next trip.


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