Core Mechanics Concepts!!!

Core Mechanics Concepts…learning about more effective breathing patterns, neutral pelvis and spinal alignment, TAs…where are they and why are they so important and figuring out the difference between hinge and roll. And each afternoon…applying these concepts and awarenessess in the saddle.

This weekend’s Concepts Workshop action shots…

Day One

After mat work, we changed into boots and breeches and were in the arena to try out some new muscle awareness and movement concepts.

Day Two

Day two mat work is individual mat work. From our observations both on the mat and in the saddle from day one, we emphasize concepts on the mat specific to each rider.

And then once again, we take it to the saddle…



We had a super weekend! Lotsa learning, lotsa laughs, and of course happy horses.

Next Core Mechanics Workshops at Flying Colours, are June 20/21 Explorations (wait listed) and then July 11/12 (some spots open). We will have August dates later this week.

Off to Pilates and then to the stable… 🙂 ❤



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