Core Mechanics for Riders Concepts Weekend

This weekend is Core Mechanics weekend!!! June 6/7

We are so looking forward to Core Mechanics Concepts. Concepts weekends are so interesting as we introduce Core Mechanics to riders for their first time. It’s a time of discovery, exploration and understanding. So much fun!


Core Mechanics for Riders

Self-carriage is not just a horse issue!

Core Mechanics Workshops are about exploring dynamic stability for the rider and then applying the concepts to work in the saddle.  A fully stable rider is better able to effectively influence the horse as they move together both horizontally and vertically.

Core Mechanics weekends will improve your riding technique by introducing exercises to improve body awareness and connection, general suppleness, better balance, and overall strength.

An aware, supple, balanced rider can better influence and create these same qualities in the horse.

This 2 day workshop will teach you to work on the mat with exercises carefully selected for riders.  We will work both days is on the mat and in the saddle.

Day One – Building Body Awareness and Control


  • Group Core Mechanics mat class in the morning; introduce general principles and specific riding focused exercises
  • Demo in arena, mounted, of body control in the saddle (left/right, front/back, in motion) (Lindsey and Lance)
  • Apply Core Mechanics awareness learned in the morning on the mat to the saddle (individual riding sessions with Lindsey and Vickie)

Day Two – Building Body Awareness, Control, Strength and Endurance


  • Semi private Core Mechanics mat work in the morning (exercises will be specific to each rider)
  • Apply Core Mechanics awareness learned in the morning to the saddle (another individual riding session with Lindsey and Vickie)

The posture we have while off our horses is mirrored while riding.  Core Mechanics will help create a strong, aligned body that will enhance your riding effectiveness.

Happy riding, happy horses.



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