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Meet the N2 team!!

We have been working in our N2 saddle on Lance now for about 3 weeks and are thoroughly, amazingly ¬†pleased with it. It sits Lindsey in a most wonderfully effective balance. The result…a more effective half halt! Who could ask for more!!! ūüôā

Nathan Matson and Tara Tesolin are the Canadian saddle fitters for N2. They will be at the CDI in Calgary with N2 saddles for demos. For anyone not at the CDI, they will be at Flying Colours on Monday June 29. If you have any questions…

flngclrs@incentre.net or   780.361.7062

Meet Nathan Matson, N2 Saddles…

Nathan N2


Carter...helping Dad fit N2 saddles!!!

Carter…helping Dad fit N2 saddles!!!

We love our N2 ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧

Off to enjoy another lovely Alberta spring day…


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