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Core Mechanics for Riders Workshops weekends…

We’ve worked out the first dates of the Core Mechanics workshops. It’s going to be a busy spring!!

Core Mechanics Workshop – Concepts

  • May 30/31 – Calgary (contact Deanna Cullen for more info)

Core Mechanics Workshop – Concepts

  • June 6/7 – Flying Colours

Core Mechanics Workshop – Explorations

  • June 20/21 – Flying Colours

We offer Core Mechanics Workshops weekends at three levels; Concepts, Explorations and Applications.

  • Concepts – an introduction to riding concepts on the mat and then applying those concepts in the saddle. Concepts weekends are are for riders who are working with us at Core Mechanics for the first time.
  • Explorations – a more complex level of mat work and how to apply it in the saddle. Exploration weekends are for returning Core Mechanics riders who want a deeper understanding of the work.
  • Applications – a very personalized level of mat work applied to in the saddle work. A personalized fitness program for your riding. Working with balance, flexibility and importantly strength issues for each rider.

These workshops are all most full but we will be scheduling more throughout the summer.

If you would like to schedule a Core Mechanics Workshop weekend at your stable, contact Vickie or Lindsey at flngclrs@incentre.net

Off to find my mat!!!


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