Everyone is going to Vegas….

From Alberta and all over the US, many dressage stables are going to be very, very quiet this weekend. The only sound coming from most stables this week will be the munch, munch of horses enjoying their days off. NA trainers and riders will descend on Vegas to watch the best in the world compete. There will be lots of smiles and waves on the Strip as riders figure out what their rider friends look like in regular clothes without their horses and then recognize each other!

But not me!!! Ivars arrives in San Diego on Saturday and Aleks and Neil drive in on Friday!!! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤  We have a family weekend planned in San Diego. (this includes Lance, Fred and William).

Barb and Curtis are going to start the trek home and Lindsey will go with them as far as Vegas. She and Barb will watch the freestyles on Saturday. Lindsey will catch a ride back to Del Mar on Sunday and Barb and Curtis will carry on north to home.

We have one more show (Del Mar CDI) April 24/25 and then we start packing for home!

Off to watch the sunrise…



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2 responses to “Everyone is going to Vegas….

  1. Grade 6

    Grade 6 sends their hello to everyone and wishes you a good break before you ramp back up!

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