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Housekeeping in San Diego??….

Yes!! Housekeeping with an ocean view!!


As many you have noticed (I love your comments ā¤ !!!)… I don’t blog regularly when I’m back in Alberta.

šŸ˜¦ I know, I know…it’s not because I don’t have good intentions but as many of you who own farms know…the job jar itemsĀ is very full on a farm especially in the spring!

Soooooo….I’ve set up a Facebook page for Flying Colours!


This page will easier to update on those upcoming busy days at home and in our future travels. So the best way to stay FCS currentĀ is to “like” our Facebook page from your Facebook page! Easy peasey!!! (There will be links to the blog as well on the Facebook page.)

Look for the blog posts as expanded, more detailed Facebook updates. Make sense??? Yes!!!

Off to start another amazing week in San Diego…



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