We have done this learning, competing trek to California now for 6 seasons. And each year we juggle work at home with our competition schedule in California. We’ve tried several ways to make it work but  I think this year has been the best juggle.

I’ve been home twice for 2 weeks at a time and Lindsey has been home for twice for 2 jam packed teaching weekends. Lindsey’s weekends at home are so crammed full I don’t know where she finds time to sleep! And in indubitable Lindsey style, she gets it all done!!!

Having two weeks home each time has been a huge benefit for many things around here!!! Everyone and most things on my list get attended to while I’m home.  Yeah!!! This makes me happy!

We have one more show at the end of April before we all head home for 2015. Our final CDI show is at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (April 24/25/26) and it’s a great show. We’ll be showing in the CDI Grand Prix class and for the first time in California, Lance and Lindsey will be in the Grand Prix Freestyle class. It’s a great freestyle and the class is a lot of fun for everyone. It’s in the indoor at the Fairgrounds on Gala Night, under the lights…lots of spectators, lots of smiles, lots of cheering!!! Yes cheering, at a dressage show, really!

So one more show and then we’re back on the road headed north for home!

(Core Mechanics for Riders Workshops (Pilates/Riding Workshops) dates are being organized!! Calgary dates May 30/31. Flying Colours dates TBA soon!!)

Off to find my Reformer!!! Another yeah for being home!!!



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  1. Amy Rosser

    Where are the Calgary dates being held?

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