I love early mornings…



We have decided not to chase a Pan Am position for Canada this year. With the loss of the first San Juan show opportunity, we would need to revise our competition plans and add on several more months of showing away from Alberta. That would not be feasible for us this year.

The decision about Pan Ams was very hard but it’s done. So now we’ll spend some time revising and editing our summer plans.

Yesterday we sent in our entries to the Del Mar National CDI at the end of April. We will be showing the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Freestyle!!! We have a great freestyle for Lance and the freestyle night is so much fun at this show. We’ll be under the lights in the Grand Stand!

The Del Mar CDI will be our last show here in California. We will be home the first week of May as planned. We are working out our May schedules and will have dates in May for the Core Mechanics for Riders workshops soon.

We love visitors and had a great dinner with Iris, Rachel and Hunter at Jake’s. Wonderful food and a great view of the ocean!!

Our date last night...Hunter!!!

Our date last night…Hunter!!!

Another great day ahead but first…off to find my yoga mat…



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