Now that was a wonderful day!!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful words of support and encouragement. It really means a lot!!! (Barb has reminded Axel that Lindsey and Lance are from ALBERTA not BC…hopefully he’ll have that update today!!!)

65% in the Grand Prix CDI is a decent score (especially after dealing with the ups and downs of the past week), certainly not the score we were aiming for but we’ll take it. Lindsey did a wonderfully amazing job in the saddle and Lance tried his very best on a very, very hot day (31C) to dig deep and get it done. I am so proud of them both.

We have an early morning start to the day as the Special is a morning class today. (Yeah!! we’ll beat the heat!!!).

We should be able to get Lance back to Arroyo in San Diego this afternoon for a well deserved day off tomorrow.

26 1

Coaches, rider and Lance…rehashing the day, discussing the future

26 2


The tweeting seemed to work yesterday so I’ll keep it up today!! My twitter is  @argals

Off to get this day started!!





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