1. Insert double bridle

2. Ride

3. Jog

4. Yes.  On to the Grand Prix

Yesterday was a success! His cheeks are healing (no friction at all during the ride), the jog was great and today is the Grand Prix

Lindsey and Lance, waiting at the jog.

Lindsey and Lance, waiting at the jog.

25 3

Lance in his snaffle and drop noseband for the jog.

Thank you so much for all your encouraging words and thoughts including this note left on the truck outside the condo yesterday. I think we recognized the pretty pink lipstick used to write the words!! Thanks Emz!!



25 425 5


So today we’re on to the Grand Prix. Our ride time is 3:09 and Shan is 2:39.

Note…I tried to get on the California Dreaming website last night and they are having difficulties. Hopefully they will have it straightened out by broadcast time this morning.

My twitter feed will be very active today if they haven’t worked out the bugs! I’ll update news as I get it.  You can find me on twitter @argals

Off to Pannikin and a great cup of tea for the drive to San Juan!!



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  1. Handsome boy! Love dapples on a bay!

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