Congrats Team Peters!!!

Congrats to Steffen!!! First and Second place, Grand Prix San Juan Capistrano CD!! 76.7% on Legolas and 74.9% on Rosie!!! Go Team Peters!!!

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Don’t forget the California Dreaming Productions live streaming with Axel Steiner continues today and tomorrow! An amazing learning experience with the best riders and very insightful commentating! Thank you California Dreaming Productions!! (drop them a note to let them know how much you are enjoying the opportunity to be involved at this level!! 🙂 )

Shannon “officially rode her arse off” (she’s a very polite girl… 🙂 ) and Magic’s test was wonderful! 65.2% Congrats Shannon!!! (We were helping out at home; riding the bench, half halt to half halt!!!)

We had a very productive day at home. Lindsey worked out a lot of stress by hitting the gym first thing in the morning. I caught up on things here at the condo and then we were at Arroyo to work William and Fred. Very productive rides, very satisfied Canadians.



Today we’ll catch some more rides online and ride William and Fred.

Lance’s mouth is healing nicely. Thank you for all your supportive words and thoughts. 🙂 (He is wondering why I keep sticking my finger in his mouth without peppermints or granola bars involved in the process!!) He’ll have another day today of treadmill and turnout only. Tomorrow will be a walk day in the snaffle.

Off to find my yoga mat then out to Arroyo…


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