We didn’t jog yesterday…

Grown up 1


Yes…now we get it…

Lindsey had a great ride yesterday morning…in the snaffle, lesson with Shannon, in the CDI ring, with Olympian riders, with the Canadian Technical Advisor observing, working Grand Prix movements…in a snaffle. She rode masterfully. Lance was learning and listening and working, working, working.

The snaffle bridle has a different noseband than the double bridle. There is no irritation to the cheek in the snaffle noseband so we worked him in the snaffle for 2 days hoping the inside of his cheek would heal and we could put him back in his double bridle. We have to show him in the double bridle where there is some chance of irritation to his cheek. I checked him after yesterday’s ride and made the decision that the inside of his cheek was not healed enough for us to show him with his double bridle.

Difficult decision


And that’s why Peter Pan has it mostly right…Grown up 3

Grown up 4

So we put our adult faces on and made big decisions, decisions that will affect the next two shows.

Lance is now back at Arroyo; turn out this morning, treadmill and a good brush…but most importantly healing for the CDI show next weekend.

Difficult decision 2

One step at a time, forward and upward, keep on going….but look back and see where you have come from…and smile.

Off to work Fred and William and to be back to the condo in time to watch the Grand Prix online! Go Team Peters!!!


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