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Day off, day off, day off!!!

We had a great day of schooling yesterday (I know, I say that about everyday but it’s the truth!!!!). The amount of learning each day amazes me. Thank you, thank you Shannon! And thank you Lindsey for so expertly applying the concepts daily. And thank you Lance, William and Fred for “getting it!”

We had a great visit with Sherry and Jenny yesterday…more Canadians at Arroyo!!! They’ve headed back to Thermal for the Grand Prix (Jumping) on Sunday.

This is an unusual day for us…we’re getting a late start!! Peter very quietly snuck out of the house at 4 am (he had a early flight home). Ivars has finished his last lecture in the series on anaesthesia he brought with him (Cali laughed when I told her Papa had homework this week!!) and Lindsey has gone to the gym and then is off to Arroyo to do Saturday chores with the horses.

This is Ivars’ last day here this week and he and I are in the planning stages of “what shall we do today??!!!”. The forecast is 30C here at the beach and much warmer inland. Nice sunny weather and will be crowds and crowds of people out and about!!! Maybe we’ll just hang out around the pool…or maybe we’ll hop on the Vespa and head off into the sunshiney day!!! Yeah!



Off to a wonderful day off in San Diego…!!!


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