Riding…Go, Stop and Turn…you need all three!

As Steffen was quoted when asked how he achieved such great success in the ring…”It’s just getting an understanding of GO, STOP, and TURN with the horse”.

It’s been a busy week home.  Lotsa riding, lotsa lessons, lotsa catching up! And losta thinking about this post…

We left so many of you at home to fend for yourselves last month and you have done marvellous, marvellous work!! To watch you all working your “Core Mechanics” exercises in the saddle during your lessons…you are sending your horses forward and happy!!! You all know how to do this amazing thing!!! And it just made me smile! Silly, ear to ear, smiling!!





So Core Mechanics Workshops have introduced the ideas and you have done the hard stuff and applied it!!! You all have a great understanding of “GO”. And “GO” will get you out of a lot of trouble when riding a horse. How do you ask your horse to go?  Can you stay stable in the saddle as you ask your horse to go? And can you stay stable as he positively responds and goes?

(substitute Bailey's for Bourbon)

(substitute Bailey’s for Bourbon!!!!)

And now on to STOP. Our spring Core Mechanics Workshops will explore and decipher how to use our bodies to ask the horse to stop. Just pulling on the reins is not a good answer to “How do I stop my horse??”. Pulling on the reins to stop a horse is a human reaction. Been there, done that, own the t-shirt!!! Not reliably effective ….

stop horse

There is a less confusing way to ask for stop (from the horse’s view point). How do I ask my horse to stop with my body? Are you stable enough in the saddle to hold his energy and not interfere with his response to the STOP aid? And can you stay stable and not lose your balance as he responses and stops? That’s a lot of body control!!! Core Mechanics…Yeah!!!

(Ok...not a kitty but pretty cute anyways!!)

(Ok…not a photo of a  kitty but pretty cute anyways!!)

And TURN….turn is having reliable GO and STOP and voilà…TURN. Turn with bend, turn with collection, turn with energy!

Nice turn!!

Nice turn!!

Turn 2

Go, Stop and Turn.

Can it all be that simple? Yes and very, very, very, very difficult…ask Steffen, he’ll tell you.

Core Mechanic Workshops start up again in May!

Off to find my hot tub…it’s cold here!!





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