As our Auzzie BFF Emz said…

“Mr. Fat Lips strikes again!!!”

We missed the Grand Prix Special ride because just as Lindsey and Lance were to head down centre line, I noticed he had cut his lip on his curb chain hook. On the left side. (He cut it on the right side in Del Mar last year).



We have the inside of his mouth (and the nose band and the bits and all the mucosal linings in his body!!!) figured out. We bent and shaped the curb chain hook on the right side so it wouldn’t interfere with his lips. (We have ridden in several horse shows since Del Mar and it all works!!!)

But in 20/20 hindsight, I should have taken the creativity I applied to the right curb chain hook to the left curb chain hook as well…ugh!!!

So I’m going to check out the many types of curb chain hooks to see if we can make them even safer yet. (Emz said if I can’t find rubber curb chain hooks, I should invent them…great idea Em!!)

We are now back in San Diego. Lance and Magic are back in their stalls at Arroyo Del Mar. Fred and William were happy to see us yesterday and will go back to work today.

We found a nice restaurant for dinner last night and came home and broke into Ivars wine cellar at the condo. (We had a bit of a dilemma when we found out the wine opener was with Barb and Curtis in Palm Springs…hello big black diesel truck…cork screw in glove box? Yes!!!) (I love my husband!!! ❤ )

Lindsey’s off to the gym this morning and I’m going to find my yoga mat…William and Fred are waiting for us!!

(Steffen’s freestyle is scheduled for 1:00. Too bad we’re not there to see it. I’m sure he’ll knock it outa the park again!!! Go Steffen!!!)


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